Monday, September 21, 2009

Was it a Full Moon?

WOW! What an awesome weekend! We welcomed two new friends to this world!

Baby # 1 -

Ethan Walker Smith was born Sunday morning at 8:30 ish to Kate and Donnie Smith. I don't have any pictures of Ethan yet b/c he's in training camp right now in the NICU. He's just got to get his breathing a little more regulated then he'll be coming home to Kate and Donnie. He was a little early (abt 3 weeks) so this was a nice surprise this weekend!

We got to spend some time w/ the Smith's last night - it was a lot of fun to hear the story about them watching football then all of a sudden..."um, Donnie...we need to go to the hospital!" So funny...anyway, we'll post some pics of Ethan as soon as we get to!

Baby #2 -

Allan Jefferson McDonald, the um...maybe 4th?? Not sure...

was born at 4:04 AM on Sunday as well! Here are some pics of baby, friends, and mom - Kerry. Congrats to Kerry and Jeff - they had a long night of labor but got through it beautifully and Allan is doing very well. He was also a few weeks early so this was another very fun surprise this weekend! I can't wait to watch these young men grow up in the Lord - congrats to everyone!!!!

beautiful mom and baby!

Jenny and Allan

Oh, and baby Spann is offically a GIRL now - no guessing anymore! Thank goodness she cooperated this morning!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Utter Confusion...

So...isn't it typical that I would put a count down on my blog and tell everyone that Sept 16th we'd know what baby Spann is...then on THE day the baby does not cooperate!!!!

I was NOT expecting this! Fortunately, we can say with "somewhat certainty" that it is a
We reserve the right to change the sex of our child when I go back to on Monday for ultrasound #3. That's, yesterday was fun, but somewhat frustrating because baby girl Spann was sound asleep! She was totally folded in a pretzel and snoozing like her daddy. I walked around, went to the bathroom, rolled over on my side...even took a break after 45 minutes to go to my DR apt and came back...nothing. And yes, this was after downing a Mr. Pibb before going in.

We did get a pretty good shot between the legs, but it wasn't the perfect we are saying, "maybe a girl" until Monday. I am hopeful that she will cooperate then!

Good news is that the heartbeat sounded great, what measurements she got looked perfect, and we had about 45 minutes of watching our child sleep! Oh, and I get to go back Monday - that is good too.

Here's a picture from our visit...Matt is going to kill me b/c he doesn't even know that I took this picture...guess he'll find out if he looks at the blog!!!! He was catching a snooze himself before we were called back...

Maybe I should have known what was lying ahead for me...this was foreshadowing!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elle Needs Some Help...

So far she has wanted a baby brother every time we've played this game but tonight I think she got confused...can you help her?
Vote in the poll to the right until Sept 16!

OMG this makes me laugh

I just love my sister...can't wait to see you this weekend!