Monday, August 30, 2010

Can I take the tag off my dress now???

So, two weekends ago we had a pretty fun adventure. We knew these guys were coming in town...
So a fun weekend was already in order...but little did we know, these guys would also be in the 'ham...what a fun surprise!

And...thanks to the Briarwood class of 2000 - we had this guy in officially in the "old" club since he's had his 10 year high school reunion! Go Lions! haha, I had to google that.

This friend came in town early, so we got to have dinner w/ the kiddos...

and a fun b'fast w/ Aunt Court...

We started out Friday night at Cocina for happy hour and had some great margaritas and fajitas (we love Cocina and this was a great excuse to go!). Then, we headed out to the Fox & Hound...not sure why, I'm not proud of that. Anyway...we were thrilled to find out it was next door to Pablo's where our Briarwood friends were reminiscing about the glory days, so we got to meet up with them after their dinner. We had a great time just sitting outside and catching up with old, but really great friends. We were so thankful that everyone was in town on the same weekend - what a coincidence! Here's a pic of the boys goofing off...

And the girls...we were missing Jenny and Ellen in this pic.

Blog post title usually doesn't mean much to me but when we are with Han and Dan there are always so many laughs, we have to use one of them as the title. Well, we made the mistake of talking about it this time, so we were jinxed. This blog post title is stupid, but sort of relevant. Do you ever buy a dress being un-sure about if you like it or it looks ok on you, then you wear it for the first time w/ the tag on?? :) Well, I usually don't, but that night I did. After the second compliment from a complete stranger, Hannah and I decided to take the tag off! :)

Forgot to mention...Hannah and Daniel were visiting us b/c three days later they were moving here...

You can't really tell but this is their new home in NYC! They have moved to the big city for a year and we can't wait to visit! I think Han said their door is the one on the left!

On Saturday we just relaxed and ate some yummy food. Brooklyn got some good time in w/ Han and Dan before they left for the big city. And of course the boys made time for some late night...

Yep...playbox- or whatever its least we didn't end up at the Purple Onion! :) Love all you guys - thanks for a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

B's new silly face

B has a new face she's trying out...I'm not sure what this face means, but its hilarious and coming often...I think she's just learning to play with her face maybe??? We'll start off with a smile...they come often these days! Here comes the silly face...

What in the world? I'm sure there are more to come!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

6 month b'day gift

Well, Brooklyn's 6 month "b'day" was last Monday, August 9th. I can't believe she's already 1/2 a year - that just went by way too fast! We weren't planning on doing b'day gifts for a 1/2 b'day...but B's Aunty Em was! Brooklyn got the BEST gift ever - a cousin!

I personally am thrilled that Avery was born on August 9th b/c now I will always be able to remember the actual birthday! It was 6 months to the day and how weird is this - she was delivered 7 minutes later in the day than Brooklyn! B was 3:44pm and Avery was 3:51pm! Crazy!!! I pray that these girls will be best buddies all of thier lives!

Here's what B is doing at 6 months...

- sleeping great - from 8pm to 8am at night with 2 naps during the day at 1o and 2. Sometimes she gets another cat nap in the late afternoon if she's really tired.

- loves to eat! takes 4 seven oz bottles a day at 8, 12, 4, 7 and we do cereal and fruit for b'fast and veggies for dinner.

- veggies have been funny mainly b/c B makes hilarious faces when they go in her mouth! so far, i think her favorites are sweet potatoes and carrots. She also didn't mind green beans and peas. Not too fond of pears but loved bananas.

- She is really wanting to crawl - she does the fishy thing when on her tummy but just doesn't have enough strength to crawl yet.

- Can sit up on her own! She does still fall over and crash sometimes but she doesn't mind - she just starts rolling all over the place!

- sleeps on her tummy ALL THE TIME. as soon as i put her down for a nap or for night time, she's on the tummy.

- Is starting to notice Elle. She just looks at her and smiles or laughs, hopefully they will be friends from a distance until Brooklyn is about 5! :) Elle's just too big.

- Loves bath time - she loves to splash around and play with her wash cloth. She also loves the pool - we have tried to get in often so she gets use to it. I think she thinks the bath and the pool are the same so far!

- Travels pretty well. Most times she sleeps in her car seat most of the time I drive, usually I have at least 30 minutes or an hour of passing her toys though!

She could not be more of a joy. I never thought I could love something as much as I love this sweet little girl. It kind of hurts because I know I'll never be able to put into words or show her how much I love her. Makes me wonder if God feels the same way - even though He shows us how much He loves us in such lavish ways - I think He loves us more than we will ever know!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Proud Aunt

I couldn't be more thrilled to announce Avery's birth! Emily was such a trooper! They thought mid-morning that Avery's heart rate was dropping rapidly but it turned out that she was just moving her head so much, that the monitor was falling off of her! After they fixed the monitor, her heart rate was great throughout the rest of the day. Em was a super woman - only had to push for about twenty minutes and out she came! I'm also thrilled to announce that Avie came on Brooklyn's 6 month b'day - only 7 minutes after B's birth time! Cousins like to do things the same!

Congrats to Em and Jonas, we love you guys and look forward to getting to know Avery!

Avery Pearl Fridrichsen
8 lbs 11 oz
21 inches long


So, the weekend went on and no Avie...we had a great time visiting mom and dad for a couple of days while Caroline was in town. I'm so glad her husband had a conference in Nashville and she could come with him. I haven't seen Duncan since he was 2 months old, and now he's 18 months old and getting ready to be big brother, so it was really fun to get to know that little guy. He is such a GREAT 1 1/2 yr old - I hope Brookie was taking notes! We had a really fun weekend catching up, thanks to mom and dad we even got to go out to dinner without kids!!! That was probably our "high" for the weekend. Our "low" was probably trying on jeans at gap (ok - that was my low). Caroline and Duncan in the pool!
Uncle Wes stopped by and made B cry...haha, she was just tired!B sitting on Avie - trying to get her to come out and play!Caroline trying to hold the two of them...better get some practice! Her #2 comes in Nov!
Duncan at 18 months!
Well, I told everyone I was headed back on Sunday if Avery was still hanging out inside Emily,
and she was, so back we came yesterday morning. Well, at 1:29 am I got the text I knew was coming...water was broken, going to hospital. So, in a few minutes, me and B are headed back to Nashville...we are the I-65 yo-yo of an xterra. I think I could tell you every exit by now! :)

Good luck to Em! I'll be sure to post Avie pics as soon as I'm allowed!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Monday!

We are hoping for Avie's arrival this week!!!!!!!! Cross your fingers!