Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend w/ the Spanns

Last weekend we had a great time with Nanny and Pa-Pa. Matt and I were supposed to be at our good friend's wedding in Atlanta so they graciously came to babysit. I ended up getting some nasty junk in my chest and was hacking away all weekend so we ended up just staying here. We were so sad to miss Andrew and Blair's wedding in Atlanta - we had so much been looking fwd to it. :( Brooklyn was sure to have a great weekend regardless and she definitely did even though we stayed around!

Playing with Nanny...Pa-Pa and Brooklyn playing with one of her new toys!

She is OBSESSED with these blocks - has already played with them for hours.

They also got her a new walking toy! She can fred-flinstone it all over our house now! I have already caught her getting into trouble in her new toy. We are definitely learning the word "No" at an early age! She's discovered the blinds, the outlets, and she thinks its funny to run into Elle and watch her run away.

A better shot of the little ankle bitter...

We love you Nanny and Pa-Pa - thanks for coming to help us!

Friday, September 24, 2010

House Divided...

So...this is what you get when your in-laws come in town...please note...B is NOT smiling...her blood runs orange and white! :) There will be a TN outfit at some point so stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7 Months!

Wow - its crazy how time continues to fly. Brooklyn was 7 months old last week while we were in Nashville for a few days. We had so much fun hanging out with Auntie Em and Avery (and Bebe and Mister of course). Here's B and A's picture at 7 and 1 month old.

Here's some of what B does at 7 months...

- Likes baby food ok - sometimes more than others, her favorite is apples
- Is busting out of her 6 months clothes that I can't seem to give up - fits better in 9 months.
- Probably weighs around 20 pounds - and you were pretty long at your last apt, I can't remember how long :)
- You are noticing Elle a lot and wanting to touch her, this has caused more stress!
- You are trying to hard to crawl but so far you just have it in reverse
- You can sit up on your own and pretty much get wherever you want to be without crawling
- You have just started saying "ma-ma-ma" but its mostly when you are mad, so not sure what that means :) I'm pretty sure you don't know what it means but its fun to hear you say it!
-You have 6 teeth!
- You had your first plane rides, and you did great!
- You take 2 naps a day and sleep great at night
- You love bath time - you splash around a ton
- You are a happy baby and bring us so much joy! We love you sweet girl!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Growing on us...

Carrots are!

7 Month post coming soon...we are still recovering from Wyoming!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding in the Tetons

We just got back from a very fun wedding in Wyoming! Jane and Jason got married on Monday in Teton National Park. Mom went with me to help with Brooklyn and it was quite a wild trip! I have to say, we are ALL exhausted! Here's Brooklyn in the downtown park in Jackson Hole...straight from the plane :)

We went to a rodeo in Jackson Hole on Saturday night (still pretty much straight from the plane, B was a trooper).

Beautiful Wyoming sky...oh yeah, it was in the low 50s that night.

Brooklyn going to the picnic in the park on Sunday...we all hung out around Jenny lake and String lake and just enjoyed the park.

Me and Brooklyn at the picnic.

I just love those eyes...looks like trouble!

I went a little crazy taking her pic

Bebe and her little bear!

B again...

After the picnic Jane took us to the wedding location so we could get an idea of what would happen the next day. This is Jane showing us the "decorations" they had arranged for the wedding :)

Mr. Moose wanted to be invited to the wedding...

The beautiful bride on the way to get hitched!

Best bridesmaids shoes ever!

Jane right before she walked down her "isle"

mom, me and B after the ceremony


making it "official" w/ Mark (our youth minister from childhood!)
Brooklyn and the Tetons in the washed out background!

Me and the pretty bride!Amazing smore's cake! (Due to general theme...Jane and Jason met on the App Trail thus the smore's cake theme!)