Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Truckin' in Tennessee

Dad...is this ok??
Yes, Brooklyn has already ridden in the back of a boy's truck! :)

Below is Levi 2 1/2 years

I just love these boys! Jesse at 2 1/2 years

Monday, April 19, 2010

Camo Brooklyn

Thanks to Mister (my dad) for getting Brooklyn her first camo outfit - she is ready to go hunting or fishing or whatever! I think these pictures are so funny she looks kinda ghetto w/ her hat on then redneck with her camo onesie. When she's not smiling she's Matt jr and when she is she's me jr...or at least I like to think so!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Found the Thumb

So, B has been sucking on her fist ever since she was born! I've been trying to see if she'd take a passie but she really doesn't like any of them. She will take a soothie for about 2 minutes then she spits it out and cries, so I've quit trying. I knew eventually she'd find a finger. Yesterday Matt and I went to wake her from one of her naps and she totally had her thumb in her mouth! We freaked out, it was so cute! When we woke her up she starting back to sucking, it was so cute! I guess this will help her soothe herself so I'm glad w/ it - I just hope we never have to threaten to chop it off in the future!

Monday, April 12, 2010

B is 2 Months!

This past weekend I got to spend some time in Nashville. Matt has been working some crazy hours so we took the opportunity to go see some family and carry on some conversations!!! We'll just say I've been a little stir crazy and needed some family time! Brooklyn did great traveling, she just slept the whole way up there and the whole way back. That is a good thing about traveling so young, they sleep so much, I know I'll miss these days later. Here are some pictures we took of B I guess they can be her two month picture. Here's what she's doing at 2 months:
- sleeping GREAT! naps well during the day and is starting to stretch night time sleep
- starting to smile at us when we talk to her
- LOVES her activity mat - she comes awake and alive when she plays on it
- likes to walk in the neighborhood - does well in the stroller or baby Bjorn
- B has gone to church a few times including Easter, she usually sleeps in the Bjorn
- starting to make small baby noises when we talk or sing to her or when she's on her activity mat
- still eating, pooping, and sleeping!
We got to spend some time with the cutest little boys in town - Jesse and Levi came over to play (thanks Rochelle!) on Friday for a little bit. Then we got to have dinner w/ Brian and Rochelle and some of mom and dad's friends.
This picture says a lot about Jesse - he has two things in his hands and is playing with a third! He plays so much and has to have multiple toys around! He's going to be a busy boy!

And this says a lot about Levi - he LOVES books! Mom and dad get to read a bunch of books to him and he absolutly loves it. He brought me this book and we read it a few times. I can ask him where things are in the pictures and he loves to point them out (ex - there was a man w/ a phone in this book and we kept finding the phone).

Bebe and Brookie

Brookie is propping her feet up on her future cousin - Avery - may be a sign of things to come!
Smiling with auntie Em and Bebe - I think she actually looks a little like me in this one! Everyone says she's just like Matt but I'm going to keep this picture for proof that she can at least make a face that sort of resembles her mother. If you think this looks nothing like me then I'll find my mom's pics of me as a baby to prove it! :) Happy Spring!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010