Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

oh we had such an awesome Christmas! here are pictures in reverse order...hey at least i'm still attempting to blog...i don't know how you people with more than one kid do it! and yes, all my punctuation is incorrect...that should be par for the course from now on :)
Aunty Em, Jonas, and Avie came to celebrate Cmas on the 26th! We had breakfast with them, let the girls play in the adorable dresses mom got for them this year, and opened a couple gifts. we were so thankful they came down to b'ham for a little bit for cmas so we could see them. we really missed my brother, rochelle, jess, and levi...but maybe next year! they were celebrating with her family in mexico, so i'm sure they were having a great time!aunty Em showing B her new cmas pop up book
scary uncle Jonas :)
girls in their matching dresses and tights!
B showing off the kitchen she got from mom and dad for Cmas...she has loved it!
Little Amelia playing with Nanny and Papa - they came down on Cmas eve and stayed the night with us. it was really fun having them here for Cmas morning! we are so thankful they came so we could be surrounded by family.
Brookie opening her first gift from Nanny and Papa
Little Amelia getting loved on and yawning
Brookie had to try on Papa's boots - silly girl
Bebe and Mister came to celebrate on the 21st and stayed until the 23rd. We had a great time with them, ate way too much food, and had some great gifts. First off was the cozy coupe which now travles all over our house every day! :)
They also got her a fun bead toy that mom and dad have owned for over 2o years. they found it online and B's having fun w/ it.
Here's a family shot, all in our PJs :)
A family tradition of mine is to make Cmas cookies, like tons of them, so i wanted to do this with Brooklyn this year. Well, this is our second batch of reeses cups cookies b/c I dumped the first batch in the oven when taking them out...i was furious!
we made a ginger bread house with...well, in front of B...she sat in her high chair and played with the candy...and me and Matt made the house :)
tasting the icing
she got to put some candy on the house...very quickly! :)
Second round of Cmas cookies...we only had one cookie cutter so every cookie was a bell...B didn't seem to mind that they were all the same :)
Rolling out dough with mom and Bebe
Amelia says Merry Christmas!
Little miss Amelia snoozing in a basket...this is just how we take naps around here...haha not really...couldn't resist the santa pic thanks to Ellen and Mike's gift! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Sweet Amelia joined us on December 1st at 9:53 am! She was 7 pounds 3 oz and 20 inches long. She is doing great and we are getting use to waking up at night, Fortunately Matt is on vacation this week and next so I have an extra set of hands!! Special thanks to everyone praying for us and feeding us!!! It is so helpful!!
Also special thanks to my parents who kept us going for a week after A was born!!

Sweet Matt had an "A" charm for my necklace!