Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Year Later

Happy Birthday to my favorite twins...Jesse and Levi turned one yesterday!

We are so thankful for what the Lord has already done in thier lives - they are alive only because of the Lord's work. He knit them together in Rochelle's womb and has provided every need for them. Thanks to everyone for praying for them over the past year. It has been a year that has grown our faith tremendously and has pointed our eyes to Jesus for everything. Enjoy a few pictures of them from last night...
They are debating on who gets the cake first!
Looks like Levi is getting a head start!
Jesse is hogging the gifts!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Saints!

Last weekend (Nov 9th) Matt and I got a special treat. We got to go see the New Orleans Saints play against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta. I’ve been planning on going to the game all fall but didn’t think Matt would be able to join me – fortunately he had the whole day off last Sunday so he got to come!

My friend from high school (well, and life in general) Michelle, married super star Chris Reis of the Georgia Tech jackets and they have been blessed to be in the NFL for two years now. Chris plays specials teams for the Saints and does an awesome job! I was hoping to make it down to NO this year but with weekends filling up the game in Atlanta ended up being the best way to see Chris play this year. Michelle found us some awesome tickets online – we were five rows back on the 40! It was great getting to be so close to the sidelines where Chris was because I sort of felt like we got to “visit” with him as well (even though it was totally one sided!). Chris is number 39 this is my attempt to get a good picture - but my flash didn't work so well...

Unfortunately the Saints didn’t come out on top of the Falcons but what a great experience to visit the Georgia dome and see Chris play live! I usually tape the game and watch everything but special teams in fast fwd so it was really different watching everyone play in normal speed! Here's a pic of me and Michelle - I honestly think we look the exact same as in high school...

Thanks for an awesome Sunday, Michelle and Chris! Hope we can make it to NO in the playoffs or next year! Love you guys! Here's a video of Chris playing - he's number 39...my video worked better than my still shots.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Tying Knots...

I thought I might explain the title of our blog due to a few questions on it and just b/c the answer is kinda funny.

Back in June when Matt started his residency his time spent quickly left the Spann house hold and transferred over to the hospital. That left me with extra time on my hands...so, I've been getting involved with a few organizations, a few new friends, and of course spending more QT with my sweet Elle. I met my friend Meredith about a year ago through a very random mutual friend Emily who I met while living in Colorado in college. Her husband is a year ahead of Matt in the same program so they have offered us much needed advice and friendship! Meredith was very sweet to teach me how to crochet...yes, I said crochet...as in what 80 year olds do.

Meredith has been making these beautiful baby blankets and I wanted to learn. The day she taught me was hilarious - I was so tense trying to hold the yarn and needle right that my toes were cramping! And I was kind of allergic to her cat so I was trying to NOT sneeze and start my first baby blanket at the same time, it was a funny picture. Anyway, after a few months of practice I have actually gotten pretty good and I'm completely addicted. Mere kept telling me that it was relaxing and sort of therapeutic - well, not at first, but now it is for sure.

So, now at night time when I'm home w/ Elle and Matt's working late I'm usually watching TV and crocheting, so that's my part of the "tying knots"...

Matt's part started around mid July when he realized that he really needed to be working on tying his own knots while he was at home so that it would help him at the hospital. He has this weird looking board thing that he uses to practice on. So, at nights he's tying knots to practice and get better in the OR and I'm tying knots next to him making baby blankets for all of my pregnant friends! Its actually a pretty funny picture - if Elle could take a picture of it I would post one, but she hasn't learned that trick just yet.