Monday, May 30, 2011

A preview of B's wedding day dance

Seriously, how do kids know when you are video taping them? Every time Brooklyn starts doing something cute like saying words or dancing and I get out my phone or the flip, she stops immediately. It is crazy, like she knows what I'm doing, maybe she does, weird. After a LONG time this morning trying to capture her cute little dancing, I finally got a little clip. I hope she and her daddy can copy this on her wedding day! Hilarious!!! I'm blaming Matt for these moves...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beach Bums

I think if you get slightly depressed the two weeks after being home from a beach vacation then that means it was a good one! :) We had the best time with Brooklyn on the beach. It was so nice that she is down to one nap so we could play all morning then she (and usually us too) would wipe out for an afternoon nap. Here are way too many pics :)

First time toes touching is in heaven!
After dinner in Baytowne, Brooklyn was pretty tired! This picture is my favorite, she literally fell asleep during lunch one day. I have heard of kids doing this but thought, "oh my kid would NEVER do that, she HAS to have her bed to fall asleep"...well she proved me wrong! After a bite of turkey she just put her head down in her hands and that was it! Hilarious.

me and Brookie

Beach pics!

So happy

Who doesn't love milk on the beach??? Gross!

Matt's parents were able to come down to see us because they live so close! They brought Gabby and Braden and we had a great time with them on the beach!

B and dad after dinner one night

We decided to burry Braden in the sand and Brooklyn thought she needed to go sit on his tummy!

She loved this pink sand toy that The Collins fam gave to her for her b'day...thanks cousins!

Sandy butt

Loving the water!

Brooklyn with cousins, Gabby and Braden

Family pic after dinner

We had so much fun, 15 months was a great age to take B to the beach! Can't wait to go back next year!

Monday, May 9, 2011

15 Months!

I can't believe I'm actually posting on THE day...Brooklyn turned 15 months today! I don't think I've ever posted on the day...always we'll chalk this up to her taking a good nap right now. We just got back from the beach and oh, how fabulous it was. Don't get me back is burned from chasing her around on the beach but it was worth it. She had such a good time. But that's for another post...I'll put a few beach pics on here to be her 15 mo pics and then do another beach post later with more pics...I only took about 800 so I'll have a few to post :).

Brooklyn is doing some funny stuff at 15 goes...

- she is biting our hands when we force her to hold our hands...because she wants to be ON HER OWN...this is obvious in all she does.

- she is trying to run but usually falls down, she takes it pretty good though and tries again.

- she is getting a little more particular on food...she still loves to eat but I've seen her spit a few things out lately (carrots, peaches)

- she loves to be tickled...especially her thunder thighs!

- she loves anything soft right now, she is burrying her head into pillows, blankets, lovies, towels, soft animals, she usually falls right on top of them like she's going to take a nap then giggles, its pretty cute.

- she loves WATER - her bath, the ocean, the pool, a nasty fountain at the botanical gardens (that was today), anything having to do with water she loves

- she likes to drink from a big people cup but usually gets too much and spits it out

- LOVES books - it is ridiculous, I find her sitting on the floor with a book all by herself many times a day

- she is trying to say the following (I think)...juice "oosh"; shoes "shsss"; ma-ma; da-da; nanny "na-na"; pa-pa "gaga"; bebe; baby; go-go; waffle "wa-wa"; milk "mi-mi"; she also tried to say "woof" like a dog after pa-pa last weekend, it was cute.

- she shakes her head no a lot, but I'm not sure she knows its for "no" yet because I don't shake my head, she just does it and then laughs so I think she's just being silly

- she can recognize a lot of her stuffed animals by name

- she takes a good 2 hour nap in the afternoon and still sleeps all night

- she is still getting her last two eye teeth - they are being stubborn and won't come in

- I don't know her height or weight b/c I'm a bad mom and forgot to get her 15 mo it will be in like a month, oops.

Here is a pic from the 15 months. We love you B and can't wait to see what you do this month!