Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Beach Trip

 We got to go on a family vacation the first week of May. It was such a blessing to be together as a family for a whole week - and a blessing to be at the beach! Thankful for moonlighting money to allow us to go! The girls had SO much fun with Matt - it really was awesome, but kind of made coming home and back to reality a little harder. Since being home the girls have missed him a lot, but they are just loving the time they have with daddy at night.

Below are a ridiculous amount of pictures but mostly just for my documentation if I can ever get myself to do a blog book again. Anyhow, we LOVED the beach! And can't wait to go back!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The beach with cousins!

About a month ago we got to go to the beach to celebrate Levi getting his trache out. It was so much fun! Amelia was about 4 months old and she was PERFECT! She took naps on the beach every day and did great sleeping in a very tight condo (my family made it tight, Brian and Roch were so sweet to let us barge in!). Below are some pics...it was too much fun! Thanks Brian and Rochelle for letting us come!

 Brookie loving the ocean.
 Jess and Levi on the beach
 Brian's fam
 Sometimes beach bums need to sit for a while!
 Little Amelia on the beach

 Bebe and Mister with the grand kids (missing Avery and Amelia)
 Brookie's collection of shells
 Me and my sweet girls.
 The crew
I found this pic at the end of our beach pics...this is a fun pic, rare occasion that all our kids are together. We were in town for an adoption shower for Brad and Elena and got to celebrate Peyton and Benjamin's 3rd birthday! Here are the kiddos left to right...Peyt and Benj (3), Levi (4), Christian (9), Amelia (4 months), Caroline (6), Jesse (4), Avie (21 months), and Brookie (2)...no wonder mom and Jackie have grey hair! Sloan was born the next week and pretty soon we'll have little Eli! So thankful for these blessings!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beach pics...just a few

Well I just take too many pictures...that is why I never update my blog...b/c I can't choose. So...here are three of my favorites from our beach trip, maybe it will spur me on to go through the rest of them and pick out a few to post on the old blog. We had a great trip, we really were spoiled with our time with Matt. The girls just ate up all thier time with him and greatly miss him this morning...so do I! Here's to one more year of residency!! Yay!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 Months...and getting trumped!

Peanut turned 5 months yesterday...and we came to Nashville to welcome baby Sloan today! We are thrilled to meet him and hope Em has a fast and safe labor! Brookie and Amelia got to play with Bebe and Mister a little bit yesterday and here are some pics. Happy 5 months Amelia!

Some 5 month facts about Amelia...

You are starting to eat food and you like it! So far bananas and apples are a hit! You prefer them to your bottle...which sometimes is frustrating. You take 4 bottles a day between 6-7 oz each and we are doing food 2 times a day. You probably weigh about 15 pounds. You smile ALL the time - at everyone, you love people and are happiest when someone is smiling at you. You like the outside swing pretty good and you love watching Brooklyn. You are starting to talk and babble more, I'm hoping for a "dada" or "mama" by mistake soon! :) We love you peanut and we are so thankful God put you in our family!