Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playing Outside

We've been trying to play outside as much as possible in this nice spring weather before summer heat gets us! Here are a few pics of Brooklyn in the back yard, she was cracking us up! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

13 and 14 Months...Late of Course

Did I give up blogging for lent? Um no...our computer crashed and so did blogging for a while. We thankfully got it repaired and are up and running again (after a three week no-computer stint).'s a post to document what B's doing around 14 months then tons of pictures below it of our trip to Nashville the week before Easter.

Brooklyn is more fun everyday, exploring new things, and learning new things. She is usually very happy (unless she's sick) and has fun playing. Here's some things about Brooklyn at 14 months (and 13 months since I never made that post)...

- she loves to crawl - on EVERYTHING. we find her on top of most of her toys, inside her toy box, on our couch, on our ottoman, on top of her kitchen, on top of her play table, on top of her sand and water table. its crazy how the first thing she thinks of when she sees an item could i get on top of that??? its fun to watch but sometimes a little scary. she pushed her choo choo train over to the coffee table and used it to stand on top of the wooden chest (not really a coffee table) before I could stop her.

- she is a good eater. she loves green beans, potatos, fruit, squash, turkey, cheese...i hope it lasts. she does good with milk and loves juice and water in her sippy cup. she likes to give Elle bites while she eats!

- she probably weighs around 25-26 pounds, doesn't seem to have gained much since her b'day.

- her hair is getting longer and we can get a bow in it but she usually pulls it out quickly.

- she can say "ma-ma", "da-da", "juice" (sounds like oooosh), "baby", "Be-be", "Nanny", "cheese" (sounds like eeeze)

- she knows how to brush her hair if you had her the baby brush

- she loves it when daddy comes home, laughs and usually runs to the door when she hears the garage door go up.

- she is taking one nap in the afternoon, usually 2 hours but sometimes we get lucky and get a 3 hour nap.

- she loves to sit in someone's lap and she backs her little rearend up to you if you are on the floor and plops down with a book in your lap. She has even tried to sit in Elle's lap which was hilarious!

- she is obsessed with books and turning the pages - she could look at books for 30 minutes to an hour straight!

- she is sleeping later in the mornings due to dropping the morning nap (I guess anyway), therefore mommy is sleeping later :)

We couldn't be more blessed with a fun and healthy baby girl, we are so humbly thankful for her!

Here are some pics from Nashville...Bebe wanted to have an egg hunt and my best friend from high school, Michelle was going to be in town the same weekend, so we made the trip up for a few days. It was great seeing Michelle and Chris. They are expecting their first baby in September and Michelle looks great! She is starting to show and its so cute! They are having a baby girl and we can't wait to meet her!

Here's Jesse in the back yard after the egg hunt (these pics are going to be in reverse boo blogger upload).

Levi is chasing a rabit through the yard!

Brooklyn with her basket, she isn't sure what the point is just yet.

All the kids after the hunt (from left to right - Caroline (5), Jesse (3), Christian (7), Levi (3), Brooklyn (1), Avie (8 mos), Peyton (2) and you can't see Benjamin (2) but he's behind someone's leg.

The cute Collins family - minus Uncle Wade, Brad, and Elena

Brookie and me

Brooklyn and Avery

This is a pic of Brookie sleeping, she was knocked out this day - the flash barly woke her up!

Avie came to visit us the weekend before we went to Nashville because Em was throwing a bridal shower in B'ham. Brooklyn decided to show Avie how to ride in the wagon, they had a fun time!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This was fun...

Matt was getting home from a day - moonlighting shift and I thought it would be fun to enjoy the pretty weather on Sunday night. I got the ka-bobs ready for grilling and got Brookie fed so she could play while we ate dinner outside...I think I see many more nights like this coming up this summer. It was too fun! B's new sand and water far just a water table...but we'll get her some sand this weekend. Our dinner get up

Water is fun!!!!

B got interested in our food so she got wrapped up in the towel (she was soaked) and got a few bites of dad's food.
She loved the water...but she also loves to eat!!!