Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sad but true...

So, I have to admit it - I am an American Idol junkie...I absolutly LOVE the last six weeks of this show. I feel like at the beginning you just get a bunch of idiots wanting to be on TV mixed in with some just ok singers. But at the end...there is all the drama and hype and some decent singing most years. My favorite years include Taylor Hicks year...definitly went to this concert...also the year of Carrie Underwood...also went to this concert! I thought the year of Daughtry was awesome and still long to see him in concert...and last year wasn't bad either. I love me some David all that to say, overall I think this show has done a pretty good job with the entertainment factor.
This is Carrie from a long distance :)

All the idols from the season w/ Carrie Underwood

This season was also a pretty good one, I can't say that I loved the top 13...I thought a few of them were good, but I also thought a lot were bad. I didn't even pay attention to Kris Allen until they were down to the top 7 or 8 I don't think. Anyhow, he got my attention then and blew me away with his first performance of "Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone"...oh yes, its definitly on my ipod and has been for about 2 months now. Thank you itunes!!!

So, last night was supposed to be - celebrate Matt being done w/ the boards night - however, it quickly turned into - watch Matt sleep on the beanbag w/ the dog and fast fwd through AI - after our steak dinner. Nonetheless, it was a great night of celebrating - we got a great meal, Matt got a nap, and Kris Allen won!

The highlight of the past 12 hours for me was probably talking to my Aunt Jackie this morning on the phone. We text a lot about AI but don't talk on the phone THAT much...but of course I got a phone call this morning on the way to work and it started out like me answering the phone like this..."OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! My gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you stinkin' believe it Aunt Jack?????" and she quickly told me that she wasn't surprised at all - she knew Kris had it in the bag...I on the other hand was convinced that Adam would win.

So, our conversation continued and we covered topics such as -

1 - Kris singing w/ Keith Urban - not totally exciting but WOW - the boy can do country

2 - Kris' wife is adorable and must be shy...the only explanation for not much coverage
3 - The hug at the very end of the show with Kris and his wife...priceless

4- Kris' humility - it was actually a little akward at the end of the show when he won b/c he didn't even have words to say.
5 - Adam was a very good contestant, not our favorite but props to him for not being obnoxious, rude, or arrogant with all the attention he received.
6 - Wow - Queen AND Kiss??? What an amazing show...maybe someday me and Jackie can go together!
7 - Last and final question was...where is the tour taking them this year??? Wonder if they will return to Nashville or Birmingham??? Sadly, the answer is no...we may have to travel to Duluth, GA...come on AI...bring it back to the 'ham!!!!!
Ok, now I'm just embarrassed but I'm going to post this anyway b/c I really am that excited that Kris won!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy (late) Mother's Day

So - to all you moms out there, I hope you had a good one. I think Mothers should be appreciated all year, and Fathers too for that matter...but I do hope Sunday was extra special for you moms.
I got to surprise my mom this year with a little unexpected visit to Nashville. Matt was on call Sunday and Sunday night so I decided to see mom and the fam instead of being bored in Birmingham. It was a lot of fun to see the whole family - my aunt Ellen had us all over for lunch and of course Jess and Levi stole the show. I could just eat these little guys up every time I see them. Love to all my friends and family who are moms!

Jonas and Em being confused.

Jesse is coming up with the cutest pouty faces - I think this one loves familiar?

Levi's face is always ready to smile - I just love this picture of him - so happy and sweet.

Another pouty face by poor little Jesse...he must have missed a meal...yeah right...maybe a nap!

Levi's checking out Bebe on Mother's day

Auntie Em is imitating the horse chewing up grass - I couldn't resist! :)

Em and Brian playing around.