Thursday, January 26, 2012

Locks of Love

No...we don't have 8 inches to cut off anyone's head in our household...I'm just emotional b/c we are cutting B's hair tomorrow for the first time. I know I'm way overdue for cutting my almost 2 year old's hair! I am not a very sentimental person (I keep telling my mom we need to do something with my wedding dress like cut it in pieces and make something useful out of it), but wow, cutting my baby's hair is not something I'm looking forward to! Tomorrow is the big day!!! I'm taking B to Alicia, my favorite stylist that I've ever gone to. She has made my hair look great every time I've gone to her over the past 10 years (I'm not claiming to have great hair, I just always leave pleased).
Take a look at these Justin Beiber locks...

They can easily be fashioned into really FUN piggie tails!!!

I can't believe how big Brooklyn looks in these pictures...and I can't believe I'm actually going through with this tomorrow. :( I'm going to miss her 2 year old split ends!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday Night

**Warning - I realize nobody cares about the following story, nor is it "crazy" in the eyes of people who have 2 kids or more. I'm not trying to act like my life is crazy or like my kids are b/c I know for the most part we are pretty mellow. I just never want to forget this strange night**
It was surely a strange Saturday night for us! I know that pretty much anyone on earth that will read this won't care but I don't want to forget it b/c Matt and I were really kind of shocked at how strange it played out (in our minds). Last Saturday night we had a groupon to Mugshots in Vestavia and we were looking forward to eating out since we are trying to be very budget conscious since we spent to much for Christmas! Anyway...we got to Mugshots early so we wouldn't have to wait and unfortunately there was an hour wait...which is NOT do-able with children, so off we go.

Where to go...we had no appetite for anything else, we just wanted our burgers...we decided on Tazikis because we knew they would have something healthy for Brooklyn and we love it. So we get there and eat and unfortunately my food wasn't great. I always get the same thing but for some reason it just didn't taste good (I think its b/c of the onions...pregnancy has left me with an aversion to onions which I use to So Matt and I switch dinners and his also doesn't taste right to me (he ordered something that I have enjoyed for seriously 10 years...Friday special...and I didn't like So I didn't like the food...not a huge deal, but Brooklyn absolutely threw a couple fits during dinner b/c we wouldn't give her "chips and cake" until she ate her chicken...of which she did not partake. So we had several discussions about eating her chicken or her pita bread before having chips and cake and it just wasn't happening, so she basically screamed the entire dinner (and we were glared at). Let me interject that B has stopped taking most of her naps, she may have like 2 a week. I think this is her dealing w/ the sister change but who knows...she obviously needs a nap b/c she's SO cranky if she doesn't nap. So this day she didn't nap so add that to the dinner fight and she was a mess by the time we left is beginning.

So, we had previously discussed going to Publix on the way home so I could run in for a few things while Matt circled in the car w/ the girls but after the Taziki experience I was tired and decided this wasn't a good idea. Matt was insistent that we go and it would be a quick trip and that way I wouldn't have to go w/ the we go. (Let me interject that Amelia was due for a bottle and B was way overdue for sleep)

So I run in Publix and come out really excited b/c one of the items I was buying was really expensive and it rang up the wrong price so I got it for free! *Side note* if you buy something at Publix and it rings the wrong price - TELL THEM! If you are right you get it free and the item I was buying was $40!!! :) So...I was coming out of Publix super excited and like smiling from ear to ear looking for Matt...AND HE WAS GONE. I'm talking I looked at every car driving around the parking lot and then every car that was parked (it was 7:15 at night so not a full lot) and he was nowhere. I thought...'ok Ashley he's not crazy...maybe he went to starbucks to get you a nice drink'...but I could see starbucks from where I was and no. So I walked around the parking lot and couldn't find him anywhere. I was also calling him and he wasn't answering so I started to panic. I was starting to think that I was going to be that girl on CNN who's husband disappeared with their kids and I was going to be wanted for their disappearance. I was really starting to go crazy and I dialed my sister...I wasn't sure what I was going to say though..."um...Matt is gone??" or maybe "come get me?" even though she was a state away?!?! What do you say when you walk out of Publix and your loving husband is gone? I don't know...anyway, I then caught a glimpse of the top of our car (I call it the space ship b/c its got a strange top) and start walking very fast towards it.

The closer I get the more I realize that no one is in the front two I'm like, "maybe that isn't our car"...then I see Brooklyn flailing in the back seat. When I open the door she is hysterically crying and Matt is in the back seat with both the girls. I think, 'oh wow...I barely fit between the two car seats so this must be bad'. So then I realize he's giving Amelia the bottle that was in the diaper bag and I start freaking out b/c I knew the water spilled out and who knows how much water was left for the that a big deal? I hope not b/c she was chugging away. In the meantime I'm receiving a hysterical Brooklyn from the back seat, and I mean hysterical. Matt said she had been like that since I got out of the car and she could hardly breathe. I seriously thought she was going to puke she was heaving so hard trying to breathe. He said that Amelia started screaming for her bottle and B started screaming in response so he had to pull over and cram himself between the two of them.
So we just sit in the parking lot for about 5 minutes and I realize in order to get home I'm going to have to get her back into her car seat. So I start trying to think of something I can bribe her with...and the only thing I could come up with was my Dr. Pepper...yes...I said Dr. Pepper. If you know me, you know I was desperate b/c B has never had any coke, tea, or sweet drink other than watered down juice. So, that works long enough for me to get her in the car seat but by the time we get out of the parking lot she is wailing again.

Thank the Lord I realize that B would probably calm down with watching YouTube on my that got us home. It was so sad! She was hiccuping and struggling to breathe the whole way home. Amelia had since calmed down due to her formula milkshake. Matt said we were only missing 1 oz so hopefully that doesn't do anything like cause your baby to grow an extra something.

So...we make it home, get our over-exhausted 2 yr old in bed and put Amelia down. We were really overwhelmed with how Brooklyn reacted to being so tired and maybe hungry? Who we go to bed thinking the strange night is over.

It pretty much was other than 2:30 in the morning my phone rings. It says Matt is calling me...I automatically think, 'oh, he must have been called in and he's calling me to tell me he's on the way home'...but then I realize he wasn't on call. So I roll over and he's in the bed w/ I say, "um...are you calling me?" and he is like, "WHAT?" in a very sleepy voice. So then I realize that somehow Elle (our dog) has managed to paw at Matt's phone enough to unlock it and call me. What? The dog can now call my cell phone? This is a very weird night...

The end.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Amelia's 1 Month!

We can't believe our little peanut is 1 month already! It did go by fast but whew, it was a whirlwind that has left this momma tired. Brooklyn has done a great job transitioning, she has her moments but they haven't been as frequent as I expected. She just misses having all the attention from mom and dad, can't blame her! She has loved on her baby sis some though, and those moments are really cute. I think she is starting to realize that Amelia isn't going away :)
Here are some 1 month pictures of little girl!Thanks Aunty Em for the adorable 1 month onesie.
Thanks Aunt Ellen for the FAO bear for Christmas, its still bigger than Amelia!

This was the preferred position...not the previous one...she started screaming.
This little girl wanted to see what was going on...can you say 'haircut needed??'
All she really was concerned about was the FAO bear :)
Loves soft things!
Back to A...she was enjoying rolling around on the chair for a while...
She popped her head up! I think this is the first time she's gotten her head up on her own!
Here are some 1 month facts about Amelia:
- she is eating 3 oz of formula every 3 hours during the day and 3 1/2 oz at night
- she is still waking up about every 3 1/2 hours at night, she has gone 4 and almost 5 one night but that quickly reverted back to 3 1/2 hours :(
- she just grew out of newborn diapers 2 days ago, so we are officially in size 1 (B came home from the hospital in size 1s!)
- she weights 9 pounds 2 oz (50%)
- she is 22 inches long (75%)
- she can still wear newborn clothes but they are finally getting tight (B never could wear NB!)
- she is doing great going to sleep on her own, she loves the passie which B also never did
- she is VERY awake, after she eats she will stay awake for 1 1/2 hours playing on the activity mat (she just started liking this) or in her moses basket, she loves looking at the dots on the fabric!
- she has started to smile some, mostly just the random smiles that don't mean anything but we think we saw one yesterday that may have been intentional
- she screams bloody murder at night when she gets hungry, there is no warm up cry which makes me jump out of bed!
- she has just started making little noises that aren't cries or whines just little mousey sounds - they are really cute!