Monday, October 31, 2011

Gentry Farms

Two little pumpkins holding/throwing/fighting over pumpkins! :)
While I was home (previous post) we took the kiddos to Gentry Farms. I've always heard of my Nashville friends and family going to pick out pumpkins or have a fun hayride or just do some fall-ish activities so it was fun to see what all the hype was about. Gentry Farms is definitely a great place to go with kids! They have a huge corn maze for adults, a smaller one in a barn for kids, a hay-less hayride for the hypo-allergenic ones, a few small farm animals to pet, and tons of pumpkins! Brooklyn didn't have her game face on but she did enjoy several things about the farm. Aves and the twins had a great time and of course acted perfect! :) Thanks Bebe and Mister for a fun time at the farm! Pics below!
Sweet Avie missed her nap! :(
Kiddos on the hay-less ride
The only pic I could get of me and B without her completely losing it.
Avie learning all about corn
B loved this - I think I may have Matt build a big trough for our back porch and fill it with corn!
Tractor men!
Mister goofing off with Jesse and Levi

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pinkerton with the Fam

October is getting away from me!!! I went to Nashville a couple of weeks ago just for the weekend and had a great time with family. On Friday night we all got together at Pinkerton Park in Franklin for a dinner picnic and to have all the kiddos get together and play which rarely happens. It was a great night, we did miss Brian and Levi but they were at another church event they couldn't miss. Below are some pics from our fun at the park!
The Collins Family - Dave, Brad, Elena, Wes and D'Arcy, then Caroline in Wade's lap, Peyton (or Benjamin), Christian, Jackie, and then Benjamin (or Peyton)...I swear I can't tell them apart in pictures!
All the kiddos - Caroline helping Brooklyn, then Peyt (or Benj), then Jesse (missing Levi - boo), Avery is in front of Brooklyn, then Christian and Benj (or Peyt).
Ray parents and most of their kiddos - Em and Avie, Rochelle and Jesse, and me and B
Whole fam - not going to name everyone! :) What a blessing that the Lord has given us - we have had fun times together our entire lives and they only get better!
Very similar looking twins of Wes and D'Arcy! :) Peyton and Benjamin will be 3 in April
Avie boo heard that UT football tryouts were happening in the park...I think she made the team! Aves just turned 1 in August.
Jesse and Levi will be 4 in November!!! Crazy how time flies!
Brookie has been more and more sweet lately, loving on mommy and daddy - I'm soaking it up!
Thanks Collins and Ray fam for a fun Friday night in the park!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Park - Aholic

Brookie and I have had a lot of fun over the past two weeks playing outside! Since the weather is cooler (most days) and a lot less humid we are exploring parks and playgrounds in Birmingham again. She is LOVING the playground and asks to go every day. We try to go close to every day for at least a little bit and she gets so much energy out, its awesome! She loves the slide, the swing, the tire swing, the tunnels, the climbing walls, whatever she can explore. Its so fun to see her balance and try to do things that are a little beyond her abilities. She can usually accomplish a lot with a little help from mom. Below are some pictures of us one day at Wald Park in Vestavia - highly recommend it - its in the shade and has a "tots" area that is great for little ones.

A couple of weekends ago Matt was totally off of work and had no moonlighting shifts AND it was beautiful weather, so we had a family play day on Saturday and took a lot of B's toys outside to enjoy the weather. We had so much fun enjoying Matt being home that Saturday and we loved him grilling again (its been too long!)! Brooklyn thought it was hilarious that her toys were outside and she played with them pretty good.

It actually got really chilly when the sun went down so B had to sport her new winter coat that Matt got her. I think she'll get lots of use out of it (for the 4 weeks of winter we get!).
We are so thankful for daddy weekends off!