Friday, June 17, 2011

16 Months

Well, I just realized B is over 16 monts! I was in Orlando on a girls reunion when she "turned" 16 months old so I guess I forgot! Oops! We have had a lot of fun this June. We had a baby shower for Michelle in Nashville the first weekend, then the second weekend I got to go to Orlando for a girls weekend while Bebe kept Brookie for me. And next weekend is me and Matt's 6th anniversary! I can't beleive how fast time goes by, I think having a kid makes it even faster. Anyway, Brookie has had a really fun June, she is loving the water toys outside because that is the only way we can stand this heat!

Here are a few things about her at 16 months....

- She is a little more pickly or particular on food than she was. She loves fruit and veggies but notices pizza more when we have it! She is doing great drinking milk, she loves her "mi mi" as she calls it. She also loves apple juice watered down in her sippy cup. She loves veggie sticks, dried fruit, and goldfish for snacks and she loves yogurt.

- She is saying a bunch of words but not when we want her too (on camera or in front of other people). She says "mi mi" (milk); "nana" (nanny); go-go; goo-goo; shs (shoes); jsh (juice); bebe (my mom); JJ (her new fav, my aunt's grandma name); apple; baby; mama; dada; outside; she knows what a dog says (woo woo); and a monkey (o,o,e,e)...we are adding words as quickly as she'll pick them up!

- She knows where her nose, mouth, chin, eyes, hair, ears, belly button, feet, and hands are and she loves to point out mommy's!

- She loves to suck her thumb, this has increased a lot since she turned 1. She sucks it when she goes to sleep and sometimes in the car when she's bored. She sucks it anytime she is angry, sad, or mad (after crying).

-Her hair is finally getting long, she doesn't like me to put a bow in it but we are slowly reconciling that battle :)

- She loves Elle and she tries to sit on her all the time, she tried to give Elle a kiss this week and Elle willingly met her with a HUGE dog kiss right on the face, it was hilarious.

- She will kiss mama and dada and sometimes bebe over the phone (facetime), she mostly loves to kiss her books.

-She is obsessed with books still, it is so cute, she will just pick one up and sit by herself and look at the pages. This helps on long car rides (so does the DVD).

- She loves to be tickled and chased through the house which is our usual after dinner routine before her bath.

- She loves her bath, she could stay in there for hours!

- She is really loving soft things like blankets and towels, and she loves pillows. We can spend almost an hour playing on our bed and throwing her on the pillows, she loves them.

- She weighs about 27 - 28 pounds and she is 33 inches tall and wears 18-24 month clothes.

She is a joy most of the time, laughing and loving to play. She plays best when other kids are around, so we try to stay around other kids most of the week if we can. She laughs a lot and LOVES attention. Every day of her life is more and more fun!

Here are a few pics of us playing outside in the pool and sprinkler yesterday!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I guess it's time to admit it..

Well...most people who ever look at this blog already know that I'm I guess I should go ahead and just make it known on the "Micro-Spann" as Matt has so hilariously named our second child... This ultrasound was at 12 weeks and it looks to me like its already sucking its thumb!! We have no clue what this baby is. Pregnancy wise, I've felt pretty much the same with maybe a little worse sinuses, so maybe a girl?? I'm secretly (or not so secretly) hoping for either one...haha...a girl b/c I love my sister and I really want Brookie to have a sister...but a boy b/c I love my brother and would equally love for Brookie to have a brother either way we are just thankful. I mean, if its a boy, we do already have a that is super easy...if its a girl we are going to need some major help with a name. I have some names that I am trying to convince myself that I "like"...but I really don't even like those. Either way the child will get a name and we are just thrilled!

I can't believe that Brooklyn is going to be a...

She's excited, although she doesn't really know it yet :) hehe - I think she'll have a lot of fun with a sibling! We are so thankful and realize this is a true gift from God!