Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tribute to Emily

Ok - I have to just shout out to my sis - I just love this picture of her! This past weekend D'Arcy had a babyshower for the upcoming twins (Peyton and Benjamin). More to come on the shower...but this picture I got of Emily just cracks me up - she was listening to D'Arcy telling a story and aparently it was a good one! Our family has a nack for telling good stories...so, here's my tribute to Em...my favorite things about her.

1 - her laugh - so contageous and fun-loving.

2 - her commitment to God - she has always, always followed Him

3 - her ability to look stylish in any situation

4 - her home - it is beautiful and i'm jealous of her style

5 - her dog...in his short 6 months on earth he has torn up a futon mattress, all of Em's beach towels, a few dog beds, a hose pipe, piping under their house, and many more objects I'm sure I don't know about...

6 - her hubby - Jonas is like a brother

7 - she loves "hunkin'" clothes...hahahahaha

8 - she's a great shot - annie oakley

9 - she's on gchat w/ me all day and keeps me entertained

10 - she keeps me up to date on fashion and jewlery (note my b'day gift from her)

11 - she always pays me back

12 - she takes great pictures and loves to talk about them like me!

13 - she loves her family

14 - she finishes my sentences

15 - people think i'm her when they hear my voice (and vice versa)

16 - she always stretches out my shoes...its ok Em

17 - she's a quick shopper

18 - she loves a good movie - only person I know who can watch movies all day, literally

19 -she's an amazing cook - love everything she makes

20 - finally...back to # 1 - her laughter reminds me of my childhood - that laugh would fill our house every night (especially at dinner time).

I love you Em! Thanks for a great photo and a chance for an easy blog update!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meeting Duncan!

I got the privaledge to spend a few hours with Caroline, David, and Duncan Cheek this past weekend in South Carolina. I couldn’t be more blessed by my friendship with Caroline – she has been a loyal friend to me for so many years and has seen me through the best and worst times. I’m so thankful God blessed me with her when He took us both out to Colorado for a semester in college.
This pic was from a trip to Charleston where Caroline's family has a great beach house - probably 2 years after meeting at Focus. This picture is from my second trip to see Caroline in Raleigh - she had just moved in with Courtney and Erin and I got to visit. This is pre-David! :)
anyway, back to last weekend...
Mom came down to Birmingham last Thursday and went with me to meet Duncan over the weekend. We had a great time talking in the car; we didn’t even turn on the radio for four and a half hours! It was nice to have mom as company all weekend.

We got to Greenville Friday afternoon and immediately started playing with Duncan. I have to say, he is about the easiest 7 week old baby I have ever heard of. He loves to sleep so we had to wake him up for every feeding – it was so hard to unbundle him while he was sleeping and warm! Saturday we went to a great little baby store in Greenville and looked around at baby paraphernalia and such. We had to run a few errands and of course Duncan slept through the whole outing! Saturday night mom and I cooked spaghetti for Caroline and David and hopefully we got it to the perfect consistency for Mr. Cheek – he’s a picky one. After dinner we continued our lazy weekend of playing with Duncan and watching the conference basketball tournaments on TV.
I am so thankful for a fun weekend with Caroline, David and Duncan. My time with them is few and far between and always cherished. I can’t imagine how much Duncan will change until I see him again – I told Caroline she’s got to post more pics on facebook so I can keep up with him! Enjoy a few pics of Duncan – he’s adorable!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beach w/ Jenny and Conner

Last weekend I got to make a quick trip to the beach (Destin) with Jenny and Conner. Jenny let me come along while they made a trip down for some new updated pictures of the condo. I was of course delighted to go and take a few pics for them, hang with Conner, and get my first taste of the sunshine for 2009. It was pretty warm by the time we got down there but still a little chilly when the wind would blow. We got to play with Conner in the pool mostly and on the beach a little. He also started walking a lot over the weekend - he is going to be running in circles by his first birthday!

Enjoy a few pics of Conner, none of me and Jenny though - maybe next time!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My favorite Rays...

So, I can't get a thing done and its b/c I'm thumbing through pics of these little guys! I had a long play date with them yesterday morning and it was much overdue. They are my sweet nephews Jesse and Levi...enjoy these pics...more on the weekend to come later!