Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday

Well...I'm behind...but since this blog is my way of documenting what we are doing, like a family journal, I'm going to try my best to catch up and stay on top of it better. Back in February we celebrated Brooklyn's 2nd birthday! I can't believe its been 2 years! What a great 2 years of joy, tears, and learning we have all had! I will document a few things about Brooklyn at the bottom so I can remember later in life! For now, here are some pictures of her little b'day party at the park.
Pintrest totally overwhelmed me this year with ideas of "cuteness" so I just chose one and went with it! This one was SO easy!
Thank you aunty Em for making our cupcakes cute!
We got a couple of Mr. Owl pinatas for the kiddos...we thought a HUGE storm was going to ruin the park option but we got lucky and it held out!
Aubs taking advantage of the swings
Yes Parker...you can have more snacks! :)
Brookie with her proud parents...little Amelia was sound asleep the whole party!
Brookie LOVES some b'day cake! She still talks about the cake she got at her b'day party and she gets so excited now when we go to a b'day party...b/c of the cake! haha...she's like her momma!
Sweet Conner...I can't believe he's almost 4...the years are flying by!
We helped Brooklyn figure out how to swing the bat at the pinata

Maybe a future softball player??
Lee III taking a swing

Fortunately the pinatas had strings we could pull to release all the candy since none of the kiddos could break it open!
We let Conner and Carter (the oldest kiddos) swing at the 2nd one while the little kids were collecting candy from the first one.

Brooklyn could have done this for hours!

The candy was a hit with Corrie!
Brooklyn got some really sweet gifts...but I just HAD to document this one...my sweet neighbor Ashley got Brooklyn a dress up set with some blinging jewelry and a purse, high heels, and a crown. I just love this picture of her starting to learn dress up and girly things, cracks me up! Thanks Ash!
Here are some things that Brooklyn is doing at 2 years old...
You weighed 32 pounds and was 37 inches tall
You go to school 2 days a week and love it - your teacher is Ms Leslie.
Favorite books are the Llama Llama books; Roly Poly Pangoline, Pouch!, Little Loon and Papa, Monster at the End of the Book, Goodnight Sleepy One, Jesus Storybook Bible, all her big sister books
Chicfila is still your favorite place to eat!
You LOVE cake and ice cream...so we have to limit it a lot!
You love to drink milk and you eat really well, lots of veggies and you do great with meat too - we are very thankful for this!
You have big feet! You wear size 8 shoes!
You wear mostly size 2T and some 3T just depending on the brand.
You wear size 5 diapers and are starting to take interest in the potty - yay!
You love Elle dog and have started chasing her some...which is a little scary!
You know all the ABC's and numbers and you are starting to learn what the letters say.
You LOVE singing - whether its ME singing or YOU singing, or us trying to sing together, you could sing all day - I love this! Your favorite songs are - twinkle twinkle little star, happy birthday to you, ABCs, the farmer and the dell, row row row your boat...etc...
You love to play outside and your favorite is the swing no matter if we are in our back yard or at the park.
Your favorite stuffed animal is your Jelly Dog.
Your favorite toys are your kitchen you got for Christmas, your Cozy Coupe you got for Christmas, your baby stroller, your picnic table, and your picnic basket set you got for Christmas
You really are full of life - you laugh, sing, talk, and play constantly. You make us laugh A LOT with what you do and what comes out of your mouth. You have a very sweet and obedient heart, you really try to do the things we ask you to do. When you don't want to you let us know but you usually get over it pretty quickly. You are starting to whine more, which is really hard to live with but we will get through it! I'm not sure but I'm assuming its because you are 2 yrs old and maybe b/c of the addition of baby sis. You do seem to love your baby sis very much but I know sharing the attention has been an adjustment for you. You like to offer Amelia toys to play with, you like to sing to her, and you pat her on the head a lot.
We love you pumpkin and never realized how awesome life would be with you! We are humbled and so thankful to be your parents on this Earth but know that you aren't ours, you belong to the Lord and we pray for your heart to turn to Him every day. We love you big girl!

Monday, March 19, 2012

God Makes Messy Things...

So, recently Brooklyn has said "God Makes Messy Things Beautiful"...b/c she's requesting a song from this http://www.slugsandbugs.com/ CD. If you have kids and you don't have this CD, I HIGHLY recommend it. It has AWESOME songs that aren't annoying for parents to listen to over and over again. Brad and Elena gave it to the girls for Christmas and we are enjoying it SO much. There are songs about going to the potty, about how God's adopted all of us, there is a song about Mexican food that cracks me up...anyway, HIGHLY recommend the CD.

So...the first song on the CD is "God Makes Messy Things Beautiful"...I love it. Its just a simple truth that God makes messy things beautiful when you put them in His hands. Its adorable and sweet and apparently Brooklyn likes it too b/c she requests it all the time. Mostly...when I'M A MESS!!! That is why it has hit me so hard lately...when I'm fluttering around trying to get both girls in the car with all the necessities and make sure we are sort of on time...I usually feel like a total mess by the time I jump in the car and get going. That is when Brooklyn requests it...when I've just jumped in the car after getting both girls, a stroller, a few bags, and sometimes a travel potty loaded up to go somewhere and I do feel like a mess. Thankfully, the Lord uses our children to remind us of the obvious...God does indeed make messy things beautiful! Thank you Lord!