Monday, September 19, 2011

19 Months and Dothan Visit

Brooklyn was 19 months old about 10 days ago! She just keeps getting more and more fun - we are amazed by her every day. She is learning so much and keeping us laughing a lot. She started school after Labor Day and goes two days a week and really enjoys it! She is happy when I leave her and happy when I pick her up which of course makes a mom happy. She says "skoo" when we get there and walk down the hall and she says "Wenda" b/c she thinks her teacher's name is Miss Linda...that may have been my fault...I thought her teacher was Miss Linda but its not, its Miss Gail! Oops! We are working on Gail and hopefully soon she'll say Gail instead of Linda! :) I'm hoping they will think she's really smart and talking about the window. :)
At 19 months here's what B is doing...mostly!
- loves milk and juice and downs her sippy cup anytime I give it
- loves veggie straws and says "veggie staw peese" very well especially in the car
- B loves signing time videos - hasn't learned too many signs but it has really helped with vocabulary.
- B loves talking about families - she will say "Jesse, Levi, Uncle Brian, Tia Shell" or "Em, Avie, Jonas", or "Nanny, Papa", or "Bebe, Mister, Toby"...she also is putting together families at our church, she will say "Kate, Ethan, Donnie" and "Meredith, Jared, Aubie" (we are working on adding Mary Pryor!)
- B takes a great nap usually at least an hour and a half and sometimes up to a three hour nap
- B loves a playground, slide, and swing, we do this a lot!
- B loves going to the zoo and talking about animals and what noises they make
- she isn't too picky with foods - she obviously prefers pizza and chicfila sauce (great reflection of our family) but she will still eat lots of green beans, peas, broccoli, corn, potatoes, roast, chicken...we are truly blessed here!
- B is able to say her baby sister's name and its so cute!
- she points to the infant car seat and says "baby sissa"
- she is still in her crib but we are going to try to transition to big girl bed soon!
A few weeks ago we went to Dothan to visit Matt's family. We had a great time with Nanny and PaPa. B got very spoiled with new toys and lots of love and attention. We had a great time and look fwd to going again!
learning how to use a vacuum with Pa Pa
"swinging" in a blanket with Nanny and Pa Pa
playing ball with Nanny
getting hugs from her new "Pola Beah"
Hugs from Nanny!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Avie-Boo's B'day

Well boo - I have again slacked on blogging...I'm going to attempt to catch up so here's a post about Avery's 1st b'day party! She turned 1 on August 9th - we of course can't believe how quickly this year went by! She is such a sweet little girl - loves to hug and snuggle - her aunty Ash loves this!!! Em did such an amazing job on her b'day party (shocker) and I was a tad jealous! She may have to plan all of Brooklyn and baby girl's parties from now on!! Here are some pictures to document all the hard work Em went to in making this party so special for Avery and our family. She's an amazing mom, sister, wife, aunt...and FRIEND!!!
She and Rochelle made this awesome banner!Seriously? Dad went off a picture to make this shark watermelon - it was awesome!
Pictures around a tree...seriously? So cute!

Me and Brookie had a great time! She really wanted to get in the pool but this preggo momma didn't want to be in a bathing suit so we avoided it for about three hours! (not easy)
Avie's adorable bumble bee swim suit!
Presents in a pool - why not?!?!
Adorable cake from Edgar's...and home made cake pops - yum!!
Avie took full advantage of the smash cake - it was all over her!