Thursday, July 29, 2010


What is up w/ my blog? Anyone know how to get the right side the same color as the body? Ugh...I'm blog challenged and its showing.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mornings are the best!



Now if the stomach but would just clear up and we could get back to the yummy foods!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wordless Thursday?? :)

Its been a long week - thanks to Bebe and Nanny for keeping my little girl for me! Words at a later date...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Thank you for the one honest opinion (Sarah and Sarah), the one sweet sympathy vote (Mere), and my oh so honest husband. I'm taking into account everyone who chose to be silent and respectful w/ the horrid shoes. Kate's totally in trouble with Matt for even letting me bring them Macy's - they are coming back to you! You fooled me with your snazzy shoe size checker thing - and you wooed a hungry shoe soul. Now to find some appropriate shoes...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walking with Kate/In Trouble

So...Kate and I wanted to walk yesterday, any one who is reading this and is remotely close to Alabama knows its hot as fire outside and humid as can be. Our friend Meredith had a great idea to walk inside at the mall - doesn't matter if babies cry b/c its loud anyway, its air conditioned and a huge area to walk. So, we tried our first mall walk yesterday and yeah, I kinda got in trouble. We Macy's! Of course I got distracted by the shoe dept. Did you know that they have this little hand held thing they can just scan the shoe and tell you if they have your size? And then the person doesn't even have to go get it - they just "send" for the shoe. I was very impressed and my hiatus from shopping was laid bare with my lack of knowledge in front of Kate (I haven't been in a mall since B was born, sans the mall in Dothan).
Anyway...please let me know your opinion - keep or release (as my Chi O's would say)....

I wouldn't normally post a blog about shoes, but I'm trying my hand at being somewhat trendy (finally) and I need to know if these are too Roman Soldier-ish (i.e. I look like I should be in the movie Gladiator). I don't want to waste my money...let me know! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

5 Months!

Hard to believe how quickly five months flies by! Brookie was born five months ago today - about an hour and a half ago! She has been such a fun new addition to life - it is really crazy how different life is with a baby. I spend a lot of my time on the floor now (my hips and back muscles had to adjust!) playing with this sweet baby girl. I couldn't be more thankful and honestly, I'm trying HARD not to take a moment for granted. I know a lot of people don't get this joy in life, so I'm really working hard to appreciate every minute with her even the hard ones. Thank you Lord, for this honor and pleasure to spend time with Brooklyn - she is just a gift that I truly don't deserve!

Ok, on to her five month info...

- B eats four bottles a day - usually six oz, sometimes she gets lucky and I give her an extra oz. She has started with baby food - did great with rice cereal and is now getting use to green beans. Her face when first trying green beans looked like, "I like what this is doing to my stomach, but I don't like what this is doing to my mouth" was hilarious.
- B is in size 3 diapers :)
- She sleeps great at night, usually 12 hours and is very happy in the morning. She loves to sleep on her tummy and her side...mostly her tummy though.
- She loves her exersaucer - we spend a lot of time in this - its a bouncer one so she can bounce and spin...we call it her "office" - she has several conference calls each day :)
- She smiles a lot and giggles when I tickle her
- B takes three naps a day (usually) - 10am, 2pm, and 5:45ish
- This says more about me than B...she goes down at 8pm and gets up at 8am...and so do I :)
I could go on about B for a while, but at the risk of grossing people out, I'll stop - please know most of my posts in the future are going to be about Brooklyn. Let's be honest, she's pretty much all I do all day long. friend Nicole has the coolest "blog book" that she made after her daughter's first year of life. I can't wait to get one after B turns 1 year - thanks for the great idea Nicole!
Five month pics below!

yay for Stretch - she loves to eat on him!

Not the best pic, but you can kinda see her teeth...if you can see well :)

She kinda fell over - I was close by w/ the

Monday, July 5, 2010

Country Club Spann

It's that time of year - everyone's loving the sun and hopefully the water (per Brad Paisley). Brooklyn and I decided to join a country club...that's right...on a resident's salary we can join a country club. And...get this - its a BRAND NEW country club! I bet you are jealous...well, let me put your mind at ease with a picture. Introducing...Country Club Spann...we will be taking applications very soon at three different levels.

- Level one - the Silver Package - our cheapest option, bring your own towel and juice box - but you can swim day or night for just $39.99 a month.
- Level two - the Gold Package - towel is provided (may have a Spann monogram) and one complimentary smoothie if you come between our happy hour of 2-4 pm. This package is $49.99 a month - a steal!
- Level three - the Platinum Package - our best value, this package includes a clean beach towel (still Spann monogrammed) a complimentary smoothie plus a free PBJ, grapes, and coke zero if you hit us at lunch time. This package is a low $59.99 a month and the most popular!

In all seriousness - we had a blast in our baby pool! Brooklyn got in on the 4th of July for her first time and we had fun. She kicks her legs and is starting to splash the water with her hands a little bit. Some pictures are below - we love summer! :)
I love my swimsuit!

Yes, we have Toby (mom's dog) for two weeks - he and Elle are best buds, and our own personal lifeguards!