Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shutterfly Rocks!'s my blog shout out to shutterfly. I love them - we have created so many fun memories on this website. We have done Christmas cards for several years, we have created many photo albums of trips, birthdays, etc; and we have made my mom a photo calendar every year for her Christmas gift. I really love the calendar - you should make one for a family member this year...its the gift that keeps on giving photo-wise all year! You can personalize it to include all family birthdays and special holidays. Here's the link for the
We really have enjoyed these calendars for years - we have tried other sites but none compare in quality to shutterfly.
We are for sure going to order Christmas cards from shutterfly this year - see this link to browse their cards.
For those of you who too can blog about shutterfly and get 50 of your Christmas cards for free! Just go to
Enjoy! We love you shutterfly!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Hats!

We've had some serious fun making and wearing Christmas hats this week! Brooklyn and Avie were great models for me...let me know if you want to order one! They are$15 but if you order two they are $25. I can do any color scheme you want and I can also put a flower instead of the pom poms on top of the ones below.
Brookie sporting the striped hat
Two pom poms on this one!

One pom pom on this one

Avie cakes was a great model! I miss her already!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So last weekend we got to have dinner w/ some great resident friends. Thanks to the Grahams for having all of us over. Its really rare that we can all get together (ever) b/c at least one of our husbands is usually working or on call. In fact, I think half of them were on call Saturday, but it was home call, so we all got to share some time together. Mere and Laura made two different kinds of chili that were delicious! We had five kids running around all over Laura's was really funny and very entertaining for Brooklyn.

Here are most of the kids playing...B; Lee III; Carter; and you can barely see Audrey. I think Noah was entranced by a movie at this point.

She just took it all in and LOVED exploring a new place and NEW toys. It showed me how sick of our toys she probably already is...that happened earlier than I thought it would!

Well, Mere and Lee brought chips and salsa from La Paz that was of course amazing and we all were eating on it for most of the night. Right before Matt and I were about to go, he was watching Brooklyn for me and I hear a very loud...."Ashley...Ashley...Ashley..." getting louder with each one and coming from several men mouths. My child decided she liked salsa so much that she pulled the entire bowl on top of her. She. Was. Covered. It was hilarious.

I know Matt felt bad b/c technically it happened while he was "watching" her, but I thought it was hilarious. We had to throw her in the tub and she came home in Noah's little boy pjs! It was truly a nasty mess but hilarious! I'm sure this is just the beginning of what we have in store with kids. I'm so thankful it missed her eyes!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 Months!

Happy 9 months to Brooklyn! I can't believe how fast time flies, it is super fun though! We have been wearing some new PJs this week...I think she may take these to college w/ her I love them so much (and b/c they have owls on them!). Here are some things B's doing at 9 months...and a few pics to follow!
- she loves to play and explore - I'm having a hard time keeping up with her!
- she is crawling faster every day, and enjoying finding new things to play with
- she loves the speakers to the TV - which is a "no no"
- she loves Elle - which has meant more separation for Elle :(
- she is chewing on absolutely everything - her favorite is the bed rails - yuck, several mornings she has wood chips on her mouth! She can take the protective plastic things its back to Buy Buy Baby for me today!
- she is wearing mostly 12 month clothing and size 3 or 4 diapers, just depends on what I have!
- she smiles so big at her dad when he comes home and plays with her
- she loves her bath in her little ducky thing
- she says "ma ma ma ma ma ma" a lot - especially when she wants out of bed
- she says "da da da" while playing mostly
- she loves pretty much all baby food we've given her, plus we've done cheerios, puffs, and complaints there
- she loves to feed Elle out of her high chair - Elle's going to gain weight!
- she is starting to wave at us randomly - its so cute but not always at hello or goodbye
- she is a pretty happy baby - doesn't cry too much unless she hurts herself or she isn't getting her bottle quick right now...I better go!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First vacation of 3rd Yr

Matt's first week of vacation for third year started the day after his b'day (Oct 24) and we had a great time! We decided that a partial stay-cation was the way to go this time, so we stayed around the house after a trip to Dothan. We got to spend a few days with Matt's family which was a lot of fun! Then, we had some friends over for some Halloween/cookout/football fun the day before Halloween. It was a great week. Below are pictures...unfortunately they are in reverse order, so think backwards :)
Matt and Brooklyn after trick-or-treating (2 houses only this year)
You know mine looks better! :) All lit up at night!

Brooklyn is more interested in the leaves, I guess she hasn't decided which team she'll root for yet!

Kerry and her puppy dog Allan, me and my chicken, and Jenny and her pig Corrie!

Jenny, Corrie, and Conner

Kerry and Allan

We had a lot of farm animals representing...a chicken, a dog, a pig, and a cowboy carrying a horse!

Conner loved playing w/ Matt's cornhole.

Sweet Corrie - this girl is so laid back!

I just had to put a picture up of my yummy dessert I made. Mom showed me how to do this pumpkin roll while I was home last time and I mustered up enough courage to try it. It was delicious! I was so proud of myself hahaha!
Nanny and Pa-Pa's was so much fun!

Lovin' on Uncle J Chillin' on the porch w/ Daddy

Pulling on Gabby's hair!

Now Braden's turn!
She LOVED riding around all over Nanny and Pa-Pa's hardwoods in her walker they got her. She's going pretty fast these days!

Playing with Nanny