Saturday, September 8, 2012

Amelia is 9 months!

Time is flying by...too too fast! So fast, that I can barely manage to blog once a month when Amelia's onesies roll around! I've got to do a Brooklyn post soon, b/c she is doing so many cute things and saying the most hilarious things I don't want to hopefully I will squeeze in a Brooklyn post on one of these nights when Matt is gone (which is a lot these days, sadly).
My sweet Amelia turned 9 months on September 1st and I just can't believe it. I can't believe its September already! We have had an exciting few months with Matt getting ready to interview for fellowship programs. We are going to be so sad to leave Birmingham in June (if we don't do fellowship here) but excited to move on...seems like we have been in residency FOREVER.
Ok, on to Amelia...she is so sweet! She really smiles most of the day which I'm so thankful for. She is kind of fussy between 5-7pm but I think that is normal. She loves her momma - loves to be held which I take full responsibility for :) I just held her way more than I did Brooklyn I guess because it was easy to hold her while I played with Brooklyn. Oh well...I'm loving holding this little one while I can. She is a power packed little 9 month old! She is crawling and trying to walk everywhere. I really think she will walk soon - she will fall a lot - but I can tell she wants to try. In her eyes, it looks like she thinks she is as big as Brooklyn and can do anything she can do, I'm sure this will never change.
We had her Dr. apt and she is 90% on height and 50% on weight. So still smaller than Brooklyn but not too small! She weighed 18 pounds and was 29 inches long.
Amelia still doesn't love her bottle but she does love table food. She really is only interested in what she can do herself. She pushes the spoon and fork away and goes for what she can pick up and do herself - so far that has been cheerios, puffs, veggie straws, and ritz crackers. I'm starting to give her little bites of cheese, meat, and bread and she loves all of it.
She is a very fast moving baby - total opposite from Brooklyn who is still slow as molasses. I think Amelia is going to have my fast, or quick natured approach to things whereas Brooklyn is slower and more methodical like Matt.
Amelia has 4 teeth - 2 on top and 2 on bottom and seems to be getting 2 more on top right now. She's chewing everything including shoes, crumbs off the floor, and furniture. I just can't seem to get to her as fast as I could Brooklyn - probably why she has an upset tummy right now :(
She is saying "da-da" a ton and working on "ma-ma"...I heard her say ma-ma today and yesterday while she was crying so I know she can say it but she definitely prefers da-da.
Below are some pics of the little peanut!