Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love the Beach!

We had such a great time at the beach! We went down to the Portofino Hotel in Gulf Breeze, FL. It is right outside of Pensacola beach and we had a blast! No, we didn't see any oil - the beach and water were beautiful! Brooklyn had a great trip, but she couldn't really open her eyes in the bright sunshine much, so she stayed in the condo a lot. Mom and dad babysat a lot for us so we could enjoy the pool and beach - THANK YOU!!!

It was a great first vacation as a family - it was just nice to get out of Birmingham and enjoy the sunshine. Matt and I even got to play a game of Jarts on the beach...and we won't discuss who won! :) Mr and Bebe with Brooklyn Me and my little pumpkin

I love this outfit that fits B right now - its a little romper from GAP and its got fish all over it! I don't know why but I love it! haha

B playing on her activity mat - it goes with us everywhere!

Mr and Be Be had a beach fun bag for Brooklyn - she got a prize every day! This is her with her grab bag on the first day - she got a towel that day I think!

Fun times with Auntie Em and Uncle Jonas - we can't wait to meet Avery! Doesn't Em look great?!?!?!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Cuties...

I love the beach! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beach so far

We have enjoyed our time so far! Brooklyn is not quite old enough to enjoy the water or the beach...mainly because the sun seems to blind her! Even with her hat on she can't really open her eyes. So...most of her time has been spent in doors, but she has managed to withstand at least one photo shoot. :) She's so fun!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tribute to Han and Dan

So...back in February I had a baby shower that Hannah helped with - for those of you who don't know Hannah - she is one of my longest best friends. I met Han when she was 17 and I was 19 (I think)...won't tell you the whole story but we'll just say that 10 years later we are still great friends and I'm a much better (and more fun) person because of her.

Same goes for Daniel - we met "Danny" in college and he and Matt have been great friends since then. We'll just say that Daniel and I have been great friends ever since he consoled me after making a 34 on my tax test in college (I was newly in love with Matt...thus the low score).

Back to they came in town to help with the shower and we had a GREAT time with them - as we always do. Here are some pictures and descriptions of our time with Hanny and Danny...oh yeah, the reason I'm doing this is because they BOTH are graduating today!!!
CONGRATS to you both -Daniel from law school and Hannah from her masters in counseling - both at Ole Miss.

Daniel and Matt couldn't decide which beer they wanted so they talked the waitress into bringing them

Daniel and Hannah at dinner.

They are such a bad influence...don't worry mine was non-alcoholic beer due to my large belly.

Well...let's just say this is Dan and Matt trying to re-live the glory days...yes, all you SU alum, they are walking down from the Sigma Nu house - they were trying to break into the chapter room and reminisce. Needless to say they were told they were too old to re-enter by some 19 yr they walked away like old men. :)

Daniel and Matt had a fire outside while Han and I talked about babies and facebook stalked people.

So, we'll just say that when we get together w/ these two fabulous friends there are MANY ideas thrown out of things to do (the visit to the Sigma Nu house being one of them). This is my face when the last idea for the night was thrown out there - "hey - who wants purple onion?". Yes, I drove my sweet friends to the purple onion around 1am - please keep in mind that I'm 9 months pregnant and totally sober.

The damage...only you who are brave enough to go to the PO can imagine what is in these lovely containers full of heart burn.

We love you guys!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Months

I can't believe my little stinker is three months today! So, its taken me three months to get to where I can actually post on the month marker! :) I guess that says a lot about the adjustment to motherhood. Sometimes I think I might have had an easier transition if I had become a mother earlier in my life, oh well - its worth the wait! Brooklyn turns three months today and she has changed so drastically since birth. She is very active now while she's awake and "plays" very well on her activity mat and her bouncy seat.
She's a very good eater and sleeper - thank you Lord! She is taking three naps during the day and sleeping 10 hours at night - again, THANK YOU LORD! I definitely feel like I'm getting back to myself with more sleep - I didn't realize how much sleep deprivation was going to effect me!
Here is B with some of her friends on her 3 mo b'day! :)

Here's the smile that we so desperately try to get her to show us all day and night...can you blame us?? :)
Matt reads to her at night when he's home in time. He was home last night and he read this sweet book to her before she went to sleep - I remember this book from when we were little. Hopefully she will play w/ the little caterpillar that came with it soon!
Disco baby! Love this dress!