Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have the best husband

I have to brag on Matt. Yesterday we were supposed to receive our crib between 10 - 2 so I was at home anxiously awaiting its arrival ALL DAY...it didn't come until 7. I was none too happy about that but in hindsight...oh well. The most frustrating part was that it interrupted Matt's sleep time. He got home yesterday at 2:00 from being at work for almost 35 hours with little sleep! All afternoon he was waiting w/ me for the crib so he could put it together then go to bed and it didn't show until 7.

I had to leave for a dinner at 5:30 so when I got back home I figured the crib would be in the garage in several parts and Matt would be snoozing. This is what I found...

Yes, Elle was assisting!

She isn't too sure what she thinks about her new room...ha ha February is going to be tough for Elle!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Focus Friends

This is going to be a funny one...a couple of weekends ago I got together with my good friends that I met at Focus on the Family Institute in fall of 2002. We all came out to Focus not knowing a soul and spent a semester learning about how to raise families, be Godly mothers and wives, and how to influence the workplace and culture around us for Jesus. It was scary going out to Colorado by myself, but looking back, its probably the best thing I did during college (other than start dating Matt).

We have made it a tradition to get together every 2 years without husbands and babies to catch up on life and give each other advice and wisdom that we have learned or heard. It amazes me how much we have to talk to every two years - you would think that we'd grow apart and not have much to talk about but not us! We don't really DO anything - we sit around and eat and talk over a long weekend - that is pretty much it!

Here's the only two good pictures from our time in Naples two years ago...

Em, Caroline, me, Ash

Caroline, Ash, Em, me

This year we convened in Nashville at mom and dad's house. They were infiltrated with chatty girls and lots of snacks we made! This is pathetic...but these are the only pictures I have! Caroline's camera has a couple of good ones of us actually looking at the camera, but I'll be shocked if I ever see those pictures! :) Love you Caroline!!!!We started out our camera conversations in the kitchen...but I needed some fresh air!

Caroline being her typical self!

Em and Ash discussing something like aperture or ISO or something...

I am so thankful for the presence of these ladies in my life! They are truly a blessing and a rare find in friendship! Until 2011...