Saturday, September 8, 2012

Amelia is 9 months!

Time is flying by...too too fast! So fast, that I can barely manage to blog once a month when Amelia's onesies roll around! I've got to do a Brooklyn post soon, b/c she is doing so many cute things and saying the most hilarious things I don't want to hopefully I will squeeze in a Brooklyn post on one of these nights when Matt is gone (which is a lot these days, sadly).
My sweet Amelia turned 9 months on September 1st and I just can't believe it. I can't believe its September already! We have had an exciting few months with Matt getting ready to interview for fellowship programs. We are going to be so sad to leave Birmingham in June (if we don't do fellowship here) but excited to move on...seems like we have been in residency FOREVER.
Ok, on to Amelia...she is so sweet! She really smiles most of the day which I'm so thankful for. She is kind of fussy between 5-7pm but I think that is normal. She loves her momma - loves to be held which I take full responsibility for :) I just held her way more than I did Brooklyn I guess because it was easy to hold her while I played with Brooklyn. Oh well...I'm loving holding this little one while I can. She is a power packed little 9 month old! She is crawling and trying to walk everywhere. I really think she will walk soon - she will fall a lot - but I can tell she wants to try. In her eyes, it looks like she thinks she is as big as Brooklyn and can do anything she can do, I'm sure this will never change.
We had her Dr. apt and she is 90% on height and 50% on weight. So still smaller than Brooklyn but not too small! She weighed 18 pounds and was 29 inches long.
Amelia still doesn't love her bottle but she does love table food. She really is only interested in what she can do herself. She pushes the spoon and fork away and goes for what she can pick up and do herself - so far that has been cheerios, puffs, veggie straws, and ritz crackers. I'm starting to give her little bites of cheese, meat, and bread and she loves all of it.
She is a very fast moving baby - total opposite from Brooklyn who is still slow as molasses. I think Amelia is going to have my fast, or quick natured approach to things whereas Brooklyn is slower and more methodical like Matt.
Amelia has 4 teeth - 2 on top and 2 on bottom and seems to be getting 2 more on top right now. She's chewing everything including shoes, crumbs off the floor, and furniture. I just can't seem to get to her as fast as I could Brooklyn - probably why she has an upset tummy right now :(
She is saying "da-da" a ton and working on "ma-ma"...I heard her say ma-ma today and yesterday while she was crying so I know she can say it but she definitely prefers da-da.
Below are some pics of the little peanut!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amelia is 8 Months

Amelia turns 8 months today! I can't believe how time keeps flying...only 4 months until her birthday...doesn't seem right. Anyway...not much has changed since 7 months, just more progression on eating a few solids (puffs, cheerios, green peas) and more baby food. She only takes 2 naps now, and sleeps around 12 hours at night. She is still taking 6 oz bottles which baffles me just b/c Brooklyn took more, but oh well. She is still a very happy baby but is starting to show her little personality recently! She is starting to scream a little more for attention and DOES NOT WANT TO BE HELD!!! Or strapped down...which makes car rides so fun.

Her favorite toys are lovie bear (a Hallmark bear Matt got for Valentines last year); Mr. Bear (lifesize Bear from Costco); her Monkey from auntie Em and her bunny from Bebe; anything hard and plastic to chew on.

Below are pictures of little pumpkin!

 With one of her favs...monkey
 Sisters goofing off
 Love Amelia's tongue in this one, she does this ALL THE TIME.
Pulling up on the crib.
We have so much fun chasing little Amelia around, and yes, we are all learning to share still!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

7 Months!

 Amelia (aka Millie, Millie-boo, Sissy-boo, Milli the Mere-cat, Millers, Milli-T-Booders (Brookie's fav)) is seven months! The time just continues to fly by...I feel like she should be about 3 months old! We have so much fun with her! Brookie is having so much fun learning how to SHARE with her! (not). We are having fun watching her learn how to get around, sit up, crawl, play with toys, and of course the teething is oh so fun with drool everywhere! She has 2 teeth but I think more are soon to come with the amt of drool we are seeing.

Not sure her weight but I can tell she is a lot smaller than B was. She just feels small as I hold her and move her around, she doesn't love to take a bottle like B did so this makes sense. I basically have to force feed her to get enough oz down her a day. It kind of stinks but its just her! I think its getting worse now b/c she's learning to play and doesn't want to take time to eat!

She LOVES Brookie - whatever Brookie has or is playing with is Amelia's top priority which obviously goes over so well with B! haha - we are seriously learning about taking turns and sharing...which is a good thing, but constant!

Amelia has tried a bunch of baby foods and we started giving her puffs this month. As all kids, she was funny w/ the puff - the texture threw her off and she gagged and spit it out. She got better though and likes them now. I don't think we are ready for cheerios but maybe soon!

Amelia is definitely crawling...much earlier than B...but I think its just a second child thing. She's seen B getting around since day 1 and she wants to follow!

She is a VERY smiley baby. She smiles at almost anyone (except Elle) and is pretty trusting of strangers (not like B at this age). She is pretty content right now just playing and exploring toys. She is a good sleeper, takes 2 naps (sometimes 3 but usually just down to 2 now) and sleeps good at night. She has done this weird thing where she wakes up around 6:30/7 and talks for about 20 mins then usually goes back to sleep.

Last note for Amelia's 7 month day...I dropped my iphone in my does that even happen?!?!?! So its now living in a bag of rice :( So...if anyone's reading...don't call me or it might spew milk and sugar :(

 We decided to see what hats fit Amelia. I've been a bad hat-momma on this kid...mostly b/c its been super hot and let's be honest, just getting 2 kids dressed is enough for me to keep straight...nevermind accessories!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Em and Mom came to visit

Mom and Em were so sweet to make the trek down to B'ham last week! It is always fun having family in town, even if we do have a tiny tiny house! They were troopers and didn't mind sleeping on the couch and air matress. The kids had a lot of fun and we had fun watching them! Mom took some great pictures below. We did get out of the house but I'm not sure we had enough hands to take pictures! We went to the splash pad in Gardendale and the girls had a great time running through it. Amelia and Sloan were troopers but I wouldn't say they had fun!

Here are some pictures from playing around at our house...

 Amelia was really showing off moving all over the floor!

We established that Sloan and Amelia basically have the same size feet...he's 7 weeks and she's almost 7 months! really we established that they are basically the same size all over!

 Handsome boy!
 Bebe with Sloan and Avie
 Sloan in his cutie frog pjs
Brookie-boo looking suspicious! I love her hair right now, its getting long and full and is so cute!

 Amelia has started pulling that pink pillow down off the top of her crib almost every naptime and in the mornings when she wakes up.
 Brookie and Avie...I think these two are going to be best buds! Look at Avie's smile!
Me and my girls...I don't usually post pictures of myself, mainly b/c I am the one taking most pictures! So, it was nice to have a pic of me and my babies. I'm so thankful for them!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6 Months & Sisterly Love

 On June 1st sweet Amelia turned 6 months! I can't stop time, or I would...its just going too fast. Well, I guess I should say if I could stop my children from aging...I do kind of wish residency away for Matt's sake! Anyway...she is so much fun! She started rolling this month and it is hilarious! She's all over the place, rolling very fast and using her rolling to get wherever she wants to go. She is trying to crawl but doesn't have the strength or coordination yet but she wants to be on the move for sure. I think its just due to watching Brooklyn play so much. Here are some things Amelia is doing at 6 months...

- She got her first tooth on June 1st! She hasn't been too fussy but I can tell its hurting her, she's putting everything in her mouth all the time. She hasn't been drooling as much as Brooklyn did yet.
- Amelia is VERY smiley - I can't get over how much she smiles. She will smile at ANYTHING and ANYONE...just look her way and she is all smiles. I love it.
- She loves her momma - she is content with me just holding her while I play with Brooklyn, its probably because she is watching Brooklyn.
- She LOVES Brookie - she watches her all day long and loves to be where Brooklyn is.
- She takes 4 bottles a day but doesn't love them, she usually wants to stop after 2 oz so that kind of stinks.
- She is eating baby food twice a day (if I remember). So far we have done apples, banana, sweet potato, green beans, and prunes
- She takes 3 naps a day, 10am, 2pm, and 6pm and goes to bed at 8pm
- She loves the exersaucer, she squeals with delight and bounces really big
- She does pretty good on walks in the stroller, better than her sister does!

Amelia - You are a complete joy to be around, you don't fuss very much or cry often, so when you do we really feel sorry for you! We are so thankful you are in our family and joined our lives. We are also very thankful for your health and happyness!

The other night Brooklyn was playing on her chair and Matt put Amelia in the chair with took some coaxing but Brooklyn finally let her crawl all over her. It was the cutest thing. Brooklyn's face didn't show a ton of excitement but Amelia's couldn't have been more happy. She LOVES Brooklyn, I'm so thankful to watch them grow together!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Beach Trip

 We got to go on a family vacation the first week of May. It was such a blessing to be together as a family for a whole week - and a blessing to be at the beach! Thankful for moonlighting money to allow us to go! The girls had SO much fun with Matt - it really was awesome, but kind of made coming home and back to reality a little harder. Since being home the girls have missed him a lot, but they are just loving the time they have with daddy at night.

Below are a ridiculous amount of pictures but mostly just for my documentation if I can ever get myself to do a blog book again. Anyhow, we LOVED the beach! And can't wait to go back!