Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Month Checkup

We had Amelia's 4 month check up today and she's a growing little girl! She weighs 14 pounds 13 oz (2 pounds less than B at this point) and she is 25 3/4 inches long (1 1/2 less than B). She was in the 90th% for length and 75% for length. She got 4 shots and that combined with the fever virus that Brooklyn and I gave her...she was a hot mess today. Poor girl wouldn't let me put her down, had a 100 degree fever and couldn't stop crying. Combine that with Brooklyn having a 100 degree temp and me as was a rough day.
Here's to hoping we kicked the fever virus today and tomorrow is sun-shinier!

Friday, April 13, 2012

4 Months ~ AKS

Little peanut turned 4 months old last week! Whew...I have to be honest, I'm glad the first 3 months are behind us. Even though Amelia is a GREAT baby, the first 3 months are just hard. Now Amelia is sleeping through the night and doing great with her changing/stretching schedule. She also goes with the flow very well, no matter what we are doing each day she takes it pretty well. We haven't been to the DR yet for her 4 mo check up but here are some things A is doing at 4 months...I can udpate weight and length next week.'s what your life is like at 4 months..
You take 4 bottles a day, either 6 or 7 like a break for about 20 minutes 1/2 way in.
You wear 3-6 mo clothing in most brands
You like to sleep on your tummy, you started rolling over at around 3 months old
You can't roll back from your tummy yet, but you are trying hard!
You laugh when we tickle your face and chin and you smile ALL THE TIME AND AT EVERYONE! You LOVE having someone talk to you - it is your favorite.
You love your smile and look at her a lot through out the day.
You do good in the carseat, sleeping most of the time but happy if you wake up.
You sleep from 8-8 which is AWESOME and you take 2/3 naps a day...10am; 2pm; and sometime before dinner you nap a little bit.
You aren't as long/big of a napper as Brookie was...but you do go to sleep well. You will usually sleep 1 hour in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.
Here are some pics of you at 4 months!