Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fabulous February Fun!

February is so much fun/busy for us every year. Within one week we have Brooklyn's birthday, Valentine's Day, and my birthday...poor Matt! :) Well, so far since we've been married he's pretty much gotten out of a lot of celebration b/c of med school and residency...he has some making up to do when he's done! This year was no exception...he has been on trauma for the past 6 weeks so all of February :( We were really sad when we got his schedule and knew he'd be preoccupied this month. After celebrating Brooklyn's birthday a little early with our B'ham friends, we headed off to Nashville for a week long visit with Bebe and Mister and the rest of the family.
Amelia made the rounds and got to see lots of family and Brooklyn got to celebrate her 2 year birthday with a bunch of different family members...she is still singing "happy birthday to Brookie".
I got to spend my b'day with my mom, sister, sister in law, and "cousin in law"...and it was a lot of fun. They made it really fun for me and I really appreciated it. I also got to spend Valentine's Day with my brother's family and my mom and dad. Brian, Rochelle and the boys came over and we cooked taco salad for my mom and dad. Its my favorite meal so of course I enjoyed eating it but mostly I enjoyed the company. Brian, Rochelle, and I cooked all of dinner while mom and dad played with our kids...oh to cook without a 2 yr old between my legs! It was a lot of fun.
Matt flew up to Nashville on Friday night when he got done with his crazy trauma week (b/c there are crazy cheap flights and we didn't want 2 cars to drive back). We got to celebrate my b'day dinner at Maggiano's...our favorite restaurant ever. It was a lot of fun, we really had a good night out just talking and spending some non-kid interrupted time together. Thanks to Bebe and Mister for babysitting!
Here are some pictures of our trip below...Little Amelia at about 2 1/2 months.
The whole fam had lunch out at Chuey's on Saturday to spend some time w/ Matt.
Brookie sporting her bell bottoms from aunty-Em and Aves
All the grandkids...make room for Sloan coming soon!
Brookie and Amelia on Valentine's Day 2012.
Valentine's dinner with Brian, Roch and the boys.
Sweet Amelia on my b'day morning...couldn't ask for a better gift!
Family picture once Matt got in town!
Bebe and Brookie...I think Brookie likes her more than me.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy B'day Brooklyn!

Today my first born turns 2!!!! So...I'm just getting older and older :) I'll do a 2 year post maybe tomorrow that will have more pics and details...for today this is all I have time for...birthday pancakes!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 Months Already!

Our little peanut is already 2 months! I really think time just keeps going by faster...really, I think the Earth is rotating faster...anyone else feel dizzy?? :)

Here are some pics from our little photo shoot today in our 2 month onesie from Aunty Em...thanks again Aunty Em! We'll post tomorrow after our DR visit with 2 month stats! We love you little peanut!

This is my trusty assistant...yes, we still have a 100 pound dog in our little house and yes, its getting TIGHT!!!!