Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 Years ago today...

We were getting married! The past four years have been so much fun - we have definitly had many laughs and made a lot of memories. I'm so thankful that God gave me Matt as my husband. He is such a hard worker, that has shown through this year the most. I'm so proud of all the work he's done.
I have to brag on him - yesterday when he got off work he was so exhausted b/c he was going on about three hours of sleep for the past 36 hours and he took the time and effort to stop and get me flowers and a sweet anniversary card. I got them when I got home and he was snoozing.
It was very sweet of him to do that while he was so sleepy. Thanks for everything Matt! I love you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girls Weekend 2009 - Birdo Convention

WARNING - MANY pictures are posted below...and they are in REVERSE order of when they happened! I was going to try to drag them all in order but that would take way too long so I'm going to have to document our girls weekend in reverse. Should be interesting. To start girl friends from college came in for a long overdue reunion last weekend (yes I'm a week and a half behind). They stayed at my house and Court's and we had a great weekend of catching up, eating, and talking about the three impending pregnancies - S dub (a.k.a. Sara Rife due late Oct), Hedge (a.k.a. Sarah Foster due late Oct), and Steph (a.k.a. Steph due soon!).
So, if you are one of those people who have to go in chronological order you may want to scroll down and read up!
This is us out at 26 for our Saturday night meal (I'm telling you...think backwards)!

We of course had to pay a visit to our alum - the good ole SU - Mr. Beason has never had so much fun!
Court and Mr. Beason

The Sarah's from Kentucky...yes...all of them!

We had a little Bird fly in for a surprise! Thanks for coming all that way Snider and surprising us! We loved it!
Hugging Bird-o.
Remembering college days in the sorority quad. People use to have to fight Ash and Matt Downs for this bench! HAND CHECK!
After the baby shower at O'Lexa's where we chowed down on some lunch and wedding cake!
The Sarah's and their blankets.

Probably the most appropriate baby gift ever.
Us at Court's house on Friday night.
Homecoming King and Queen 2002.
Rob was our surprise guest...Ash told us she had hired a stripper and it was our good old friend Rob - side note...he did not strip.
Sitting down to an awesome meal that Court prepared!
My beautiful friends.
Avery was another guest of honor on Friday night. Ash D's 1 1/2 yr old sweet heart!
Welcoming Ash and saying hi to Mrs. Barry.
Steph grabbing the cutie out of her car seat.
A serious discussion of nursery fabrics!
The not-so prego drink!
The prego drink!
Court mixing up the drinks!
The pregos going to Courts! Let girls weekend begin!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Splish Splash

I just can't get enough of these two............

Levi pointing at me Jesse's hungry!
I absolutely adore these boys!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lake Time

This weekend we got to go to Jeff's lake house for a night and it was an experience! Jeff's family has this awesome lake house and private lake south of Birmingham and we got to go down there Friday night with Jeff and Kerry and Jenny, Zack, and Conner and it was a blast. It was a quick trip but perfect for one of Matt's short weekends. The lake is absolutely beautiful and so quiet - a very relaxing place to fish and a great dock to catch some rays. Here are some pictures from our time being spoiled by the McDonalds!

Remus chilling on the porch - this is one of my favorite dogs ever.
Jeff and Matt heading out for some fishing on Friday night.
Randall who lives on the property has a pet deer! It was so fun to get to see a deer acting like a dog, or a pet. Conner got to pet him and "spotty" was very good with Conner. It was quite an experience! Randall found spotty one day very small and with no mother so he adopted him and obviously spotty thinks he's a dog!
Conner wanting to get back in our Kubota.

Jeff gave us a tour of the property and this was a picture taken in fern valley. It was so beautiful and peaceful and ferns all over the place. Jeff was showing Matt where we were in relation to the house, the lake, the barn, etc...
Jenny and Conner in fern valley.

Jeff and Kerry going out to fish on Saturday.

Me and Conner were playing peek a boo - he's adorable!

On Saturday afternoon we decided to fish for a while before dinner so Matt and I headed out in our boat and everything was going just fine until we decided to switch rods. For some reason when i casted his rod it was a bad bad situation...I got it in the BIGGEST knot - so he spent about thirty minutes trying to keep our boat from go ashore and getting out the knot I created. Somehow Matt found time to catch a fish...after this we called it a day!
Thank you Kerry and Jeff for treating us at your lake house, it was so much fun!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Waitin' on Le-A # 2

Well, our small group is quickly becoming a LARGE group...same amt of adults but more kids! Meredith and Jared are waiting on their little girl to join us hopefully in the next few days - no later than Monday! We had a really fun shower for Mere at my house a few weeks back - these were the pictures not w/ me on the other post...can't wait to meet that little girl!
It was so fun to meet Meredith's friends from different walks of life.
Yummy shower food...wish I had some right now!
Mere getting her tummy measured!
What's in that cute outfit?

The goods...and they were good!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So much has been going are a few pics and updates. There are some missing b/c they are on my camera card at home so there will have to be another update...
Two Thursdays ago my sweet friend Michelle came to visit me because Matt was on call and her husband Chris was in New Orleans. We had such a great time hanging out, she drove over from Atlanta that afternoon and we shopped a little bit when I got off work. We found some great jewlery (who knew peace signs were coming back) and then we had a great dinner at Cocina. This picture speaks of what we did the rest of the night - facebook and blog stalk. Michelle doesn't have facebook so we were on looking for old high school friends and reminiscing. Michelle is working on our 10 year high school reunion so we talked all about that and all the updates she is getting from our old high school friends. We also pulled out my senior yearbook and laughed our heads off.

On May 11th my best friend Jenny turned 30! We had a great week celebrating her 30th birthday! Her husband Zack put together a surprise party the Saturday after her birthday and it was a hit! Lots of people could come and we had a great time. On the Tuesday after her birthday a bunch of girls had a pedicure party at the new Ross Bridge nail place and it was a lot of fun!

Kerry and Jenny before getting nails done!

Conner and Jenny at her surprise party!
Conner is ready for Jenny to turn 30!

I'll just end with a cute picture of my pup...she has been over stimulated lately and retreating to her bed as much as possible!