Monday, January 24, 2011

NYC New Years

Oh goodness, we had such an amazing time in NYC for New Years Eve! Han and Dan are living in Greenwich Village for a year while Dan FINALLY finishes school and we had to take this opportunity to visit the amazing city of New York. All 360 square feet of their apartment didn't was all we could have dreamed of and more! The futon couldn't have felt better every night when we crashed on it. I think we averaged walking about 6 or 7 miles in tons of snow each day so when my tired body hit the futon, it was very happy. Even the honking taxis (all night long) didn't bother me! It was pure exhaustion. Here are tons of pics from our trip.

A million thanks to Hannah and Daniel for hosting us and showing us around NYC for our first time!

We started off the trip right with a huge sandwich at Carnegie Deli Our tour Matt doing something annoying I'm sure. The iphone was a MUST to get us where we needed to go! (Don't worry, my razor from 2005 was also very instrumental in naviagation hehe)

This hat is from the 9/11 memorial museum (not completed yet) - it was one of the hats worn that day. The museum is a holding place for what will be a great memorial when it opens. I believe the opening date is 9/11/11 and it looks like its going to be amazing.

This church stands directly across the street from where the world trade towers stood - we were told that several people visited this church on 9/11 and around that time. The church and grounds weren't damaged at all which was amazing - its literally right across the street.

We visited wall street and saw the outside of the stock exchange (the Christmas decorations made everything more fun! )

We ran into Mr. Trump in front of his tower...

Our fearless tour guides...they did amazing!

This statue stood outside of the world trade center towers before they fell. It was damaged during the 9/11 attacks but wasn't destroyed. Its now in Battery Park which is right on the water where you take a boat taxi to Lady Liberty.

We got to see a Broadway show! It was SO GOOD! Million Dollar Quartet - highly I'm sure all NYC broadways are...amazing!

Lady Liberty was kickin' it

Haha I love this picture b/c of Matt's face...we were exiting our walk through China Town (it was GROSS)...I don't think Matt Spann will ever re-visit that place hahaha I love my husband!

Look at all the snow in Central Park!!!!

This is the view from the Empire State Building on New Years Eve!

Chrysler Building from the top of the Empire State Building

Me and Matt on top of the Empire State Building on New Years Eve!

Look at the snow! It was piled up EVERYWHERE - it was the 6th biggest snow in NYC history - we were lucky we got there only 1 hour delayed! (Thank you Em for the boots)

Rockefeller Plaza Tree - if it ever goes missing look for it in our house - Matt loves it!

Han and Dan on the Brooklyn Bridge

Thats it for now, NYE pics to come.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sick at 11 Mos...

Well, Brooklyn turned 11 months yesterday, again, I can't believe how fast time flies! We had our first visit to children's hospital the day before her 11 mo b'day. She ran a really high fever and after spending 3 hours at the pediatrician we went to children's to make sure she didn't need a spinal tap (SCARY). After about 2 hours of observation she started getting back to herself and her temp came down to about 102 so we got to come home without a spinal tap - thank the Lord! It was a nasty fever virus but thankfully it didn't last too long!

Today we have our second snow of the season...but really its just ice! I put a few pictures below of the ice around our house. Here's what B's doing at 11 months!

- trying to walk but realizing that crawling is so much faster!
- loves it when Daddy comes home!
- loves praise baby! it was a life saver when she was so sick!
- likes to look at Elle and laugh...and loves to feed her from the high chair!
- still have 8 teeth, I'm glad we haven't added any lately!
- loves to eat! favorites are yogurt, strawberries, green beans, turkey, carrots
- you are busting out of 12 mo clothes and mostly wear 18 mo
- you LOVE to explore everything!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Small Group Kiddos

Our small group is so thankful for these additions we've added in the past two years...we all started out in our small group kid-less and four months apart we all added our first children. We are about to welcome the first of round two and we can't wait to meet her! Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow for this amazing tiem of addition in our families! (We had a fun dinner last night at Zoe's and I couldn't help but capture our kids at this age!)
Meet Ethan - he's 15 months!

Meet Aubrey...18 months!

And Brooklyn 10 months!

The almost big sister...Eleanor...almost 24 months!

Posted by PicasaHow in the world did I not get a picture of Parker last night??? Maybe it was because I was sitting right next to him so I thought I got to him first...or maybe it was because he had sweet potatoes all over his face!!! Here's Parker a few weeks ago!

Parker is 6 months now!