Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Wonders of HIS Love...

Merry Christmas everyone! I am blown away by the goodness of the Lord and how evident that has been in 2008. What a wonderful year in our family...despite the loss of my dear grandfather, we have had so many joys. We dearly miss Gang Gang, espeically in this Christmas season that he always loved, however we know he is rejoicing today and praising the Lord - what a joy to think of! In 2008 the Lord graciously allowed Jesse and Levi to come home from the hospital to be with Brian and Rochelle. What a day of rejoicing that was - and continues to be as they grow and develop according to His will.
I got to go to Nashville for a very brief stint this week and returned this morning to start working on a Christmas meal for Matt and some other residents who are coming over tonight. Matt had to work all last night and got off today around 1 - so he's sleeping before our friends come over! I do have to brag on my husband...he has worked so hard in the past six months and had to work on his favorite holiday today - but of course he maintains a great attitude. I'm so thankful for him! Also...he surprised me with this....

all i have to say is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Here are some pics of Jesse and Levi, the fam from yesterday and a couple w/ the new camera. Merry Christmas everyone!

I just want to eat them up!

Christian and Caroline in thier new hats!

Matt got a Garmin! Now he won't get lost going to the hospital...haha

Elle loves her new dog toy but wasn't so excited about my new flash!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Redneck Dirty Santa!

So - I'm officially not a great blogger...its been almost a month since the last time I wrote, so I'll try to get better. Since Thanksgiving we've been really busy. Matt had his first week of vacation (finally) the week after Thanksgiving so we treated ourselves to a "stay-cation" in Birmingham - we spent most of the week Christmas shopping and decorating our house for Christmas. Matt enjoys this much more than I do, but it was nice this year to take our time and not be really did make me enjoy it more. Those pics are at home so they'll have to come on another post.
Last night we kicked our Christmas week off with a great start...we had a combined Christmas party with our small group from church and another group that we didn't know so well...until the games began! The food was amazing, and thanks to the Smith's my ipod was updated with some great Christmas music...and just for Mere the dog/horse was out of the house for the night!

Meredith had a great idea the week before to wrap up something from your house and bring it for dirty santa, this way no one has to spend money and you get rid of something in your house you don't need/want anymore - hence the "redneck dirty santa".
Here are a few pictures of what was unwrapped...
Jared was pumped b/c he now his apron matches his wife's!
This was a quite offensive gift for an AL fan - Marlee was a good sport though!

Don't worry Marlee...William is opening a great picture frame that will make up for your Auburn mug!

Jared just chillin' in his new apron...and I think Mere is jealous!
This is Kate picking out her FIRST gift...

She got Pyrex...which all the girls were jealous of but it was stolen...

Kate picking for the SECOND time...we won't show a close up of this one because, well, it might just re-appear at a Spann family Christmas!

Matt stealing from Kate...DIRTY SANTA!

Kate choosing for the THIRD time!

She hid this one so it wouldn't get stolen...but Taylor got it at the very end!
Meredith was so excited about her Santa spreaders...and the stellar wrapping job my husband did in the WS bag!

This is just a great picture of our tree! You can't tell here but you can barely get into our bedroom...oh the joys of being married to Clark Griswold.

Taylor was trying his hardest to get rid of his wire Christmas tree that holds cards...well, is SUPPOSED to hold cards.

Taylor is proudly carrying his Christmas tree and broken candlestick to Kate...he was number 18 so he got to pick at the end...Kate got stolen from one last time!

Thanks to everyone for making small group a blast last night - we had a great time! Merry Christmas everyone!