Wednesday, August 31, 2011


No matter what time of day or night it is (ok, honestly I would prefer daytime)...I LOVE hearing, "mommy" whispered from my little girl's room...she is so much fun right now!!!! Off to go get her...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

18 Months

Two days ago this little pumpkin turned 1!!!!! We can't believe Avie-boo is already a whole year old! We had a blast celebrating her first year of life last weekend...she'll have her own b'day par-tay post after this one so stay tuned! Happy Birthday Avery!!! We couldn't love you more!

On the same day, this little pumpkin turned 18 months old...I can't believe she is half way to two...that just doesn't seem right. She is so much fun...most of the time! :) We have definitely learned the words "tantrum" and "temper" in the past week. People say, "just ignore it"...but that is NOT easy! We are working on it...probably will be for a LONG time! Brooklyn has definitely entered into an independent phase (if she's like her dad it won't ever come to an end). She LOVES attention and LOVES to be in a crowd. She takes about 30-45 seconds to take it all in, then she's in the mix - playing, laughing, fighting, etc...she is very social.
She is talking really well and learning new words every day. We really worked on "Mister" while we were in Nashville last week because dad was the only grandparent whose name hadn't been mastered. For some reason "Mister" is really hard for Brooklyn. She finally tried one morning and it was really slow and clear...after that one time it became "minnow" - I guess that is easier for her to get off her tongue than "Mister" so for now its Bebe and Minnow! Love it!
Here are some things you do at 18 months...
- you eat pretty well, sometimes you'd rather play but for the most part you are still a great eater. Only thing you hate is peaches (Bebe's ashamed).
- you weigh 29 pounds and are 35 1/2 inches tall
- you wear 24 month clothes, some 2T but mostly 24 months
- you sleep about 11 hours at night and 2-3 hour nap mid-day
- you LOVE milk and juice - you are a sippy cup-aholic
- your favorite fruit is blueberries and your favorite veggie is green beans
- your favorite food overall is pizza and you ask for it almost every day
- you counted to 10 (almost) last week! I almost wrecked the car - I guess you have been paying attention to all of your toys that count to 10...we work on it every day and you are learning it pretty quickly!
- you love to play on our bed or the guest bed
- you love Elle - especially chasing her tail
- you have a northern accent when you say a word with the letter "r" in is stinkin' hilarious! Examples include: door "do-ah"; chair "cha-aaah"; bear "be-ah"
- you like dancing and try to turn on the ipod every day, somedays you get it on and then find the volume button!
- you know that baby "sista" is in mommy's tummy but sometimes you think she's in your tummy
- you LOVE Jesse; Levi; and Avie - we hear thier names all day long
- your favorite toys are the Leap-Frog choo choo train; any book; your Elmo kitchen, and your princess sing-along book
We love you Brooklyn and can't wait to see what the next month holds!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Spann #2

Well, I have been motivated to blog more b/c I finally broke down and ordered a blog book of Brooklyn's first year of life. I think this is going to be my motivation to blog on a regular basis, I LOVE the book we got! We ordered it from blog to print and it really turned out well. It was kinda pricey but it will be worth it to do this once a year and keep up with what we did each year.
I also am convicted b/c I haven't blogged about baby GIRL #2!!!! We found out a few weeks ago that Brooklyn is going to GET a sister!!! I personally was shocked, I was thinking boy totally but Matt was thinking I guess he's a better guesser.
We had family and small group friends come and eat some cake with us to find out what the baby is going to be. It was really a fun way to find out, we'll probably do it if we have more kids after this one. Here are some pictures of our little "party"!
Edgar's of course didn't disappoint with taste or decor!
Brooklyn woke up from her nap ready to eat cake and party!
B and mommy about to find out what baby is!
What's inside????
BABY GIRL! The cake was white and the icing was pink!!!
Sweet Corrie playing around and waiting for her cake.
Nanny and Pa-Pa giving Brooklyn too much cake I'm sure! :)
Kerry's #2 boy - Samuel meeting Bebe.
Kate and Parker (a.k.a. Parker-man)
Lots of kids running around and playing...we need to get use to a house full of kids!