Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Do List

When you have a February like we just had your to do list looks like this....this is for real! :)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

12 Months!

Oh how quickly a year has passed...I can't believe how fast life continues to go by. Brooklyn is one year old today. I am so thankful for the healthy child that God has given me, I know this past year has been blessed by His goodness and I'm just so thankful. I don't deserve to be the mother of this sweet little girl so I pray that I can be 1/2 the mom my mom was to me and that God will cover up all of my short comings!

Here's what little B is doing at 12 months...

- you love to eat a LOT! Me and daddy don't know when to cut you off! You love veggies, fruits, meat...and you LOVED your first cupcake! You also loved your first pancake that you got this morning on your b'day. You have enjoyed milk in the last few weeks and hopefully that will continue!

-You wear 12-18 month clothes

- You wear size 4 diapers

-Not sure how big you are as far as weight, height but we'll find out tomorrow...

- You smile a lot! And you laugh when we tickle you or when we play with your stuffed animals, you think this is hilarious.

- You really like us to chase you or pop out from behind furniture, you crack up at this.

- We are transitioning to 1 nap because you absolutely do NOT want to take two...and its wearing me out!

- You sleep about 12 hrs at night, from 7:30 - 7ish

- You like Elle - you really want to play in her food bowl and water dish but this is a no no.

- You do understand "no no" but you don't like it

- You know one sign - and its "more" when you are eating...go figure!

- You are very use to mommy taking your picture!

- You have some new friends at mother's day out - you go on Wednesdays while mom works and you are about to go on Fridays so mom can get errands done!

- You love books - you like to carry them with you while you walk around and you throw them at Elle.

- You are walking! You are actually trying to run, and its hilarious b/c you really can't yet.

Here's a photo look back at your 12 months!

Month one...mommy was crazy.Month two...mommy was a little less crazy, but still crazy...

Month three...ah the thumb still do that when you go to sleep! Precious!

Month four...first time in the pool!

Month five...this is one of only a couple of sleeping pictures I have of you and they are so sweet!

Month six...ready for Avie Cakes!!! Month seven...yay for Avie cakes! Month eight...happy Halloween!

Month nine...starting to stand up
Month ten...Merry Christmas!

Month Eleven...too busy

Month twelve...sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay sweet Brooklyn! I can't imagine life without you!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


We've been playing, playing and more playing! Oh, and getting ready to turn 1!!!! Crazyness! Not many words, just pictures...enjoy!
Look at that non-assuming little grin...
Ooo look...a red bucket... I think I'll try to throw it... Elle can play with it...
Give it back mom!!!!
We've been always...

And grinning a lot!

And wearing a bow to look like a girl :)
Oh, and this sweet friend turned 2 and had a killer party! There was the biggest bouncy toy thing ever...Brooklyn just rolled around but I absolutely LOVE this picture of Eleanor...I hope you can see her face - hilarious!

Thanks to Aunty Em for the new blog design! I was in desperate need of one!