Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amelia is 8 Months

Amelia turns 8 months today! I can't believe how time keeps flying...only 4 months until her birthday...doesn't seem right. Anyway...not much has changed since 7 months, just more progression on eating a few solids (puffs, cheerios, green peas) and more baby food. She only takes 2 naps now, and sleeps around 12 hours at night. She is still taking 6 oz bottles which baffles me just b/c Brooklyn took more, but oh well. She is still a very happy baby but is starting to show her little personality recently! She is starting to scream a little more for attention and DOES NOT WANT TO BE HELD!!! Or strapped down...which makes car rides so fun.

Her favorite toys are lovie bear (a Hallmark bear Matt got for Valentines last year); Mr. Bear (lifesize Bear from Costco); her Monkey from auntie Em and her bunny from Bebe; anything hard and plastic to chew on.

Below are pictures of little pumpkin!

 With one of her favs...monkey
 Sisters goofing off
 Love Amelia's tongue in this one, she does this ALL THE TIME.
Pulling up on the crib.
We have so much fun chasing little Amelia around, and yes, we are all learning to share still!!