Monday, July 2, 2012

7 Months!

 Amelia (aka Millie, Millie-boo, Sissy-boo, Milli the Mere-cat, Millers, Milli-T-Booders (Brookie's fav)) is seven months! The time just continues to fly by...I feel like she should be about 3 months old! We have so much fun with her! Brookie is having so much fun learning how to SHARE with her! (not). We are having fun watching her learn how to get around, sit up, crawl, play with toys, and of course the teething is oh so fun with drool everywhere! She has 2 teeth but I think more are soon to come with the amt of drool we are seeing.

Not sure her weight but I can tell she is a lot smaller than B was. She just feels small as I hold her and move her around, she doesn't love to take a bottle like B did so this makes sense. I basically have to force feed her to get enough oz down her a day. It kind of stinks but its just her! I think its getting worse now b/c she's learning to play and doesn't want to take time to eat!

She LOVES Brookie - whatever Brookie has or is playing with is Amelia's top priority which obviously goes over so well with B! haha - we are seriously learning about taking turns and sharing...which is a good thing, but constant!

Amelia has tried a bunch of baby foods and we started giving her puffs this month. As all kids, she was funny w/ the puff - the texture threw her off and she gagged and spit it out. She got better though and likes them now. I don't think we are ready for cheerios but maybe soon!

Amelia is definitely crawling...much earlier than B...but I think its just a second child thing. She's seen B getting around since day 1 and she wants to follow!

She is a VERY smiley baby. She smiles at almost anyone (except Elle) and is pretty trusting of strangers (not like B at this age). She is pretty content right now just playing and exploring toys. She is a good sleeper, takes 2 naps (sometimes 3 but usually just down to 2 now) and sleeps good at night. She has done this weird thing where she wakes up around 6:30/7 and talks for about 20 mins then usually goes back to sleep.

Last note for Amelia's 7 month day...I dropped my iphone in my does that even happen?!?!?! So its now living in a bag of rice :( So...if anyone's reading...don't call me or it might spew milk and sugar :(

 We decided to see what hats fit Amelia. I've been a bad hat-momma on this kid...mostly b/c its been super hot and let's be honest, just getting 2 kids dressed is enough for me to keep straight...nevermind accessories!

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